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Shinpei Takeda

Shinpei Takeda

area: Visual Art, Film

Key Facts




Visual Art, Film



recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

November 2019 - November 2019

Shinpei Takedais a visual artist working in various mediums including installations, sculpture, film, participatory projects in order to materialize memories, particularly memories of the exile and of the borderland in various dimensions. Shinpei is also a co-founder and president of The AJA Project (, a San Diego based nonprofit working with refugee and marginalized youth using a photography and story telling. He has directed and produced here feature films.  He is also a co-founder and member of Ghost Magnet Roach Motel, a noise punkformance unit in Tijuana, Mexico. His recent artistic projects include “Alpha Decay”(2010-2012),  “Beta Decay” (2013-2017) and “Antimonument” (2015-).

His works have been shown in places like National Geographic Explorer’s Hall (2003), United Nations Headquarter (2004), San Diego Museum of Art (2008), Centro Cultural Tijuana (2010), Kyoto Art Center (2012), Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum (2015), Nagasaki Art Museum (2015), Museo de Arte Queretaro (2017), Museo de Cancilleria (2018),  Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (2018) among others mostly in Japan, Mexico, USA, and Germany.


Project info

Production of the large in-situ installation piece for the exhibition Japan unlimited in the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space.

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