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Naja Orashvili

Naja Orashvili

area: Film, Activism

Key Facts




Film, Activism



recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

February 2019 - February 2019

For more than 10 years, I’ve been working in the social advertising field, as social ad or music video director and producer,  I am the author and executive producer of several TV show formats [KIMONO, TRANSMISSION, SELECTOR, etc).

For the tenth year I am a representative of the Fund "Electronauts" and Electronic Music and Innovative Pop Culture Awards “Electronauts” as well.  Now I am the editor in chief of the “Electronauts” web platform.

SOCIAL PROJECTS AND MOVEMENTS                                                                            

Initiator of ‘The System Must Be Destroyed’

Initiator of ‘Kalaki Ambobs / City Says

Project Manager Of 50/50 Win With Women

A founder member of The White Noise Movement  

Board Member of Equality Movement

Initiator of Women Solidarity March




Co- founder of Production studio MILKY WAY

Co- founder of Kutaisi Electronic Music Festival

Project info

Glad to be invited by artist and researcher Bogomir Doringer to elaborate on an exhibition dedicated to the social and political importance of club culture; how and why dancefloors become the ground base of social changes and cultural transformation; how and why dance becomes a powerful weapon against oppression, a tool for free and imaginative self-expression. Dance as an act of questioning self and uniting with like-minded individuals.

Using different Medias - audio-visual images, texts, materials and artifacts, I’ll be presenting the story of BASSIANI - a club which gave birth and defined the new identity of Georgia’s youth culture and social movements. The space, which in 2018 was under threat of closure by the Government, but a massive protest Rave staged by thousands of ravers in the streets of Tbilisi forced the authorities to step back. Presenting stories of dancers who changed their minds in one club night - story of change of the entirely new generation. The concept of the club, including the name which comes from the historical mid-century Battle of Basiani after which Georgia gained independence, derives from the deep roots of Georgian folklore, national dance and collective memory. I’ll be also presenting the choreography of protest dance / dance of urgency and how the city, urban life and architecture influences individual movements, creating the characteristic image and dynamic, collective vibe.

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