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Raluca Popa

Raluca Popa

area: Fine Arts, Film

After Tuttle, 2017-18

Series of 40 drawings, color pencil on paper

© Raluca Popa

How to swim

Sinopale 6, International Sinop Biennial, Turkey
Performance (with Cansu Kircan)

© Gizem Grünberg

How to swim

Sinopale 6, International Sinop Biennial, Turkey
Performance (with Cansu Kircan)

© Gizem Grünberg

Chrysotile: Fragments

Courtesy of the artist and the Art Encounters Foundation, 2017

© Olivia Mihălţianu

Portrait of my Husband (S.K.), 2016

Floor based sculpture, aluminium and steel

© Roland Vaczi

God’s Zeal, 2015

Assembled paper chain

© Jean Baptiste Béranger, courtesy of Romanian Cultural Institute

Männerakt, 2014

Site-specific drawing

© Raluca Popa

Key Facts




Fine Arts, Film



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

September 2018 - September 2018

2010 – 2011 Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martins, UAL (UK), MA Fine Art (Distinction)
2002 – 2002 Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla–la Mancha, Cuenca (ES), Erasmus
1999 – 2003 University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca (RO), BA Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions
Iarna pe uliţă , Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest (RO)
The Unknown Portrait of Brancusi , Europe House, London (UK)
Two Titles, Rumänska Kulturinstitutet, Stockholm (SE);
Turning Something Plain into a Circle, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest (RO);
Selected Group Exhibitions
The Unpleasant Show, Jecza Gallery, Timișoara;
Life a userʼs manual, Art Encounters, Timișoara;
Sinopale 6, International Sinop Biennial, Turkey;
The Best of Bees, Duplex, Geneva (CH);
Being Mountains, Being Sees, Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj (RO)
Arrangement for a prize, installation for The Most Beautiful Books from Romania exhibition,
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO);
One Thing Leaning on Another (with Daniela Pălimariu), Botanischer Garten & Vitrine-PROGR,
Bern (CH);
Fete cu idei [Băieţi şi picturi], Lateral ArtSpace, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj (RO);
Untitled (From R to W), 6th of April, Artist Talk, Stadtbibliothek, Winterthur (CH);
South by Southeast. A Further Surface, Guangdong Times Museum, (CN);
Critical Moments, Shed im Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld (CH);
Esthetics of Learning, Printmaking Gallery, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (US);
Mapping Bucharest: Art, Memory, and Revolution 1916–2016, Vienna Biennale;
Une autre cité, Tranzit Bucharest (RO);
Other Rooms, Galeria Plan B Cluj (RO);
salonvideo_SUBmissions, MAGMA Contemporary Medium, Sf. Gheorghe (RO)
Dispositions in Time and Space, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO)
]hiatus[, salon video / R.A.M. Media Art Festival Arad 2014 (RO)
And Yet There Was Art!, Leopold Museum / Vienna (AU);
Dear Money, Salonul de Proiecte / Viennafair 2013 (AU)
What We Destroy and Celebrate at the Same Time, Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest (RO)
O Que Acontece Depois, Centro Cultural, Cartaxo (Portugal)
Crossover, Lethaby Gallery, London (UK)
Glory Hole, Elthorne Road, Archway, London (UK)
013, Concourse Gallery, Archway, London (UK)
Foire Internationale du Dessin 2011, Paris, France
The Garden View, Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Bucharest (RO)
As You Desire Me, Gallery of Contemporary Art of Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu (RO);
13 Places, Concourse Gallery, Archway, London (UK)

Other projects
Art Direction / Layout / Background Artist:
The Magic Mountain (2015), dir. Anca Damian; animated documentary feature-length;
Crulic, The Path to Beyond (2011), dir. Anca Damian; animated documentary feature-length,
Crystal Prize for Best Feature at Annecy International Animation Film Festival (2012)

Residencies & Awards
2017 – Jan-June – Artists-in-Residence, Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva (CH)
2016 – July – Artists-in-Residence,, PROGR, Bern (CH)
2016 – Jan-April – Artists-in-Residence, Villa Straeuli, Winterthur (CH)
2011 – Nova Award Commendation, The Lowe+Partners Award for Fresh Creative Talent,
Lethaby Gallery, London; Roger & Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust Award
2010 – A Curriculum, A Foundation Artist Residency, Liverpool 2010 – short-listed; Ratiu
Family Charitable Foundation Award; Open Horizons, Dinu Patriciu Foundation Award
CORNER fotbal + societate, #6
IDEA. Art + Society, #44
Open Calls 2011 – 2016, Alexandra Croitoru (ed.); Published by Salonul de proiecte Association,
Bucharest, Romania;
South by Southeast. A Further Surface, Patrick D. Flores, Anca Verona Mihuleț (ed.); Exhibition
Dear Money, Alexandra Croitoru, Magda Radu (ed.); Published by Salonul de proiecte
Association, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest
And Yet There Was Art!, Peter Weinhäupl, Elisabeth Leopold, Ivan Ristić and Stefan
Kutzenberger (ed.), Brandstätter 2014; Exhibition catalog
The Catlin Guide 2012: New Artists in the UK; J Hammond (ed.), Published by Catlin Holdings
Selected articles/reviews
Lesen Lernen, Der Landbote, Samstag, 23 April 2016
Auf der Suche nach «R» und «W», interview, Stadtanzeiger Winterthur, no. 14, 5 April 2016
Martin Grennberger, Rörelser mellan utställning och film, Kunstkritikk, exhibition review;
Hurrah for the Young Turks!, The Independent (UK), 20 November 2011

Project info

Diary 1990 and Archive of School Test Papers 1992-1998, Reconsidered
During the residency I plan to work with two different archives I have amassed beginning with the year 1990. One archive contains a diary I kept during my first trip abroad in 1990, in Austria. The other archive comprises hundreds of personal school test papers collected between the years 1992 and 1998, before I left my town and went to university.
There are many ways in which to approach an archive and many questions to answer along. We can do that through reproduction, copy, alteration, reformulation etc. Instead of trying to formulate responses for each material separately, I came to the conclusion that it would make more sense to intertwine the two archives together, and use them as a case study of leisure and work, insisting on this interplay and their meaning and fulfillment in relation to specific times and contexts.

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa

© Raluca Popa


My residency at quartier21/MuseumsQuartier covered the interval between 1st of September - 30 September. I came here with the intention to reflect on two archival materials I have amassed beginning with the year 1990. The first is a personal diary kept during my first trip abroad (which happened to take place in Austria) in 1990. The other archive comprises 297 of personal school test papers collected between the years 1991 and 1998, during my secondary school and college years.
The residency allowed me the time to think about the original material and to test new methods of working with text that transgress the page. Such is a model I developed at Die Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, with the help of Thomas Kersten from the Workshop for Molding and Casting Techniques, and further, together with architect Günther Dreger, at the Institute for Art and Architecture.
Bearing in mind that the two text archives originate in the same period, I work with the premise of a growing interdependency between them. They have been laying together in cardboard boxes, first in my parent’s home, then in my studio. Therefore, I am interested in forms of expression and methods which define this togetherness: transpositions between mediums, or materials, and detecting similar patterns of thinking and behaving, shared gestures of revolt, anxiety, exuberance.
I have planned to work with the archive material for some years now, and not seeing it materialized in works or opened toward others, would be disappointing. A first dissemination took place through a collaboration with IDEA art+society magazine. In 2013 I published in the edition #44 a series of three test papers from the discipline ‘civic culture’. In 2016 I showed again a series of six test papers in Esthetics of Learning, an exhibition curated by artist Razvan Anton at the Printmaking Gallery, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (US). In Vienna I thought I may be able to operate with more ‘invasive’ methods.
It is worth mentioning again the impressive dynamic of the art scene in Vienna with which luckily I was already familiarized when I arrived in September, through my involvement in exhibitions at Leopold Museum, or the MAK, in previous years. Not enough I knew instead about the many artist-run spaces that are active here, of which I would like to mention Pferd .
I would also like to underline the stimulating conversations I had with Jutta Braidt from Erste Foundation Library to which I am grateful for the generous input. The library is not very large, but the selection of books and films is just great. Thank you.

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