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Martin Backes

Martin Backes

area: Media Art, Digital Art, Theory




Media Art, Digital Art, Theory



recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

April 2018 - April 2018

Martin Backes, born in 1977 in Germany, is a Berlin-based artist, creative technologist, designer, hacker and composer. He studied Media Art & Design as well as Sound Studies at the University of Arts in Berlin.

In his works, he often uses media technologies to reflect certain functionalities, effects, ideologies and human perception. Backes crossborder and experimental field of activity in the intermediate area of art, science, technology and culture ranges from sculptural and multimedia sound works to interventions in public spaces and installations, as well as radio plays and computer/video works.

His work has been shown at numerous international museums and galleries including Mediamatic Amsterdam (NL), MuseumsQuartier Wien (AT), International Spy Museum (US), Belgrade City Museum (RS), Mochvara Gallery (HR), NIU Art Museum Illinois (US), New Media Gallery (CA) and TEDx (ES), been featured at festivals including CTM (DE), MÈQ (FRA), Transmediale (DE), BIAN/Elektra (CA), Die Digitale (DE), B-Seite (DE), a d EMAF (DE). WIRED, CreativeApplications.Net, The Creators Project, Create Digital Music, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Business Insider, Engadget, Fast Company, Designboom, The Local, El Periódico and Süddeutsche have written about his work, as has Neural Magazine, Quotation Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, and the European Youth Trend Report.


In my new project „Second Nature” I would like to investigate the tense relationship between the Beautiful and the Toxic, the Untouched and the Artificial and further focus my research in that area.

This is meant as a trail and an experiment, which seeks to reinvent nature through transformation, or at least to make it accessible in a new way. Firstly, I will concentrate on the artistic discussion regarding human interventions and traces in nature by modern technology.

Thereby I don´t simply mean the open destruction and pollution but also the artificial creation of nature, artificial space and new “naturality”. A construct, that spirals more and more into a hybrid system.

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