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Arunlak Suits Sapa - Munzaa

Arunlak Suits Sapa - Munzaa

area: Fashion Design

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Fashion Design



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September 2018 - September 2018

Arunlak Suits-sapa has been in tailoring business for 20 years. With her passion in designing and handicraft, she started to launch a new brand “munzaa”. A brand that everyone could have fun with their imagination and craft.

Munzaa: is a new definition of “Urban Craft” where the art meets craft, intellectual meets design, and fashion meets sustainability. We proudly present the beauty and sincerity of the local wisdom through creative craft and modern design where everyone could enjoy and have fun wearing munzaa’s. Moreover, we focus not only on promoting natural fabrics as the main materials for all products, but the intrinsic goal is to develop a sustainable fashion business that incorporates social, environment, and economical aspects. This helps in distributing income to the locals and sustaining the intellect.

Project Info

MUNZAA is about "Art, Craft, and Intellectual". We see beauty in local wisdom and would like to present and share its beauty through the project here in Vienna. We would like to share the indigo technique such as tie-dyed, paint, and screen. Also, we would like to learn how indigo will blend with Arts and Artist here in the residence. Last visit to MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017, we had a chance to meet with Mr. Joseph Koo, Blaudruckerei Koo, who also do the indigo technique. So, it will be a good oppotunity to work and share the experience to get something new and amazing.

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