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Petar Matović

Petar Matović

area: Literature

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July 2017 - August 2017

Literary works
He writes works of poetry, literature criticism, prose and essays. His works have been included in many anthologies of Serbian poetry in Serbia and abroad. His poetry has been translated to English, German (Eintritts karte/Ulaznica – Serbien: Panorama der Lyrik des 21. Jahrhunderts, Drava 2011), French, Polish, Catalan, Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, Hungarian and Slovenian.

Books of poetry:
o Kamerni komadi (The Chamber Pieces)
o Koferi Džima Džarmuša (The Suitcases of Jim Jarmusch; translated into Polish, Publishing Institute „Maximum“, 2012, and Catalan, La Cantarida, 2013).
o Odakle dolaze dabrovi (Where the Beavers Come from; Gaude Polonia Fellowship 2013).

Works published in magazines: 'Polja', 'Letopis Matice srpske, 'Koraci, 'Beogradski književni glasnik', 'Povelja', 'Književni magazin', 'Treći trg, 'Međaj, 'Politika, 'Danas' (Serbia), 'Fragile', 'Fraza', 'Akcent', 'Rita Baum', 'Wyspa' (Poland), 'Sarajevske sveske (Bosnia and Hercegovina), 'Quorum' and 'Zarez (Croatia), 'Art' (Montenegro), 'The Cafe Review' (Portland, USA).

Participant in poetry festivals:

Belgrade Poetry Festival (2008-2011), Word Express (2010, ), Youth Poetry Festival (Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2009); The Young Rhymes (Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2012); Goranovo proljeće (Zagreb, Croatia, 2014), XVII Festival de Poesia de la Mediterrània (Palma De Mallorca, Spain, 2015); Festivalul Internațional de Poezie București (Bucharest, Romania, 2015), FIAT ‒ Festival internacionalnog alternativnog teatra (Podgorica, Montenegro, 2015). He was the main editor of World Poetry Day 2015 in Serbia (Cultural Centre of Belgrade).

Petar Matović


The book I am currently working on is based on the relation between the lyrical subject and the modern urban environment. More specifically, its main problem is (the new) sensibility in neoliberal economic environment. I would spend the time during the residency getting to know and studying Vienna’s architectonic heritage, as well as working directly on the book and reading the essential literature.

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