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Lucas Bambozzi

Lucas Bambozzi

area: Media Art, Digital Art, Video

Coleção Particular © Lucas Bambozzi

© Lucas Bambozzi

still from Multidão © Lucas Bambozzi

© Lucas Bambozzi

© Lucas Bambozzi

Multidão © Lucas Bambozzi

Key Facts




Media Art, Digital Art, Video


São Paulo

recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

August 2017 - August 2017

Bambozzi' works have been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in more than 40 countries, held by organizations such as Moma NY, ZKM, Frankfurter Kunstverein, ISEA-Ruhr, ISEA/Albuquerque, Laboral, Arco’s Expanded Box, Http Gallery in London, Havana Biennale, Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico, ŠKUC gallery, Zero1 San Jose, Bienal de Artes Mediales in Chile, BIM Buenos Aires, WRO Biennale and many venues in Brazil, such as the São Paulo Biennale. Some curatorial projects include SonarSound (2004); Digitofagia (2004); Life Goes Mobile (2005 - 2006), O Lugar Dissonante (2009), On_Off (2012-2015), Multitude (2014) and Visualismo (2015), among other shows. He is one of the creators of the Festival Mobile Media Art (2006-2012) the Labmovel project (Honorary Mention Ars Electronica 2013) and the Multitude exhibition.

Selection (last 10 years):
2016 . BIM . BIENAL DE LA IMAGEN EN MOVIMIENTO-. Buenos Aires . Argentina
2016 . SP URBAN . MUSEU DOS INVISÍVEIS . Mirante 9 de Julho/Cinemateca Brasileira . São Paulo
2016 . DESORDEM . Galeria Baró + Emma Thomas . São Paulo
2015 . WRO MEDIA ART BIENNALE . Projeto Multidão . Wroclaw, Polônia
2015 . UN SOLO CUERPO . Museu Oscar Niemeyer . Goiânia
2014 . SINGULARIDADES . Rumos Legados . Itaú Cultural. São Paulo
2013 . BIENAL DE ARTES MEDIALES . MULTITUD . Galeria Macchina . Santiago . Chile
2012 . BIM . BIENAL DE LA IMAGEN EN MOVIMIENTO . Buenos Aires . Argentina
2012 . ZERO1 BIENNIAL . Seeking Silicon Valley . San Jose . EUA
2011 . O ESPAÇO ENTRE NÓS E OS OUTROS . INDIVIDUAL . Laboratório Arte Alameda, Cidade do México
2011 . WRO . Projeto Mobile Crash . Wroclaw Biennial
2011 . 6 Bilhões de Outros – Somos São Paulo . Masp, São Paulo
2010 . ARS ELETRONICA . Linz, Áustria
2010 . ISEA 2010 . Dortmund, Alemanha
2010 . PRESENÇAS INSUSTENTÁVEIS . INDIVIDUAL . Luciana Brito Galeria, São Paulo
2010 . MOBILE CRASH. Centro Fundación Telefônica, Lima, Peru
2009 . MOBILE CRASH. Espacio Fundación Telefônica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2009 . Restraint . New Media Art Montréal, curadoria de Julie Bélisle e Kiki Mazzuchelli, Canada
2009 . Re:Akt! 2 . Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Croatia
2009 . RE:akt!, reconstruction, re-enactment, re-reporting, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romenia
2008 . Emoção Art.Ficial 4.0 . Itaú Cultural . São Paulo, Brasil
2008 . RUN>ROUTINE, Expanded Box, Arco , Madrid, Spain
2008 . EMERGENTES, Laboral Centro de Arte y Producción Industrial, Gijón, Spain
2007 . TRANSITIOMX Fronteras Nómadas, Im_Polis Curadoria, Mexico City, Mexico
2007 . CRTL_C + CRTL_V, Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
2007 . BALMORAL, Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany
2007 . PENSÉE SAUVAGE . Frankfurter Kustverein and Ursula Blickle Foundation . Germany
2006 . INTERCONNECT . ZKM . Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie - installation . Karlsruhe/Germany
2006 . LUZ DA LUZ – work: Multidão . large panoramic videoprojection – Sesc Pinheiros
2006 . HTTP . House of Technologically Termed Praxis <> work: Spio Project London/UK

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Lucas Bambozzi


The residency proposal is an artistic research dealing with variants of moving images and informational spaces, permeated by communication flows. The idea is to walk through the city of Vienna while employing different ways of measuring and recording electromagnetic fields (EMF) signals.
By considering that our environment is increasingly being constituted by such ”immaterial" forces drifted from communication technologies, the basic idea is to investigate ways to "see" or visualize intangible or invisible processes, such as electromagnetic fields (EMF), wi-fi and cellular signals generated by media in circulation spaces.

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