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Grip Face

Grip Face

area: Street Art

Key Facts




Street Art



recommending institution

Jan Arnold Gallery

time period

October 2017 - October 2017

Keen observation, street-inspired energy and thoughtful visual language characterise the Spanish artist, Grip Face. He adapts to different media — from indoor projects, such as works on paper, books or gallery installations, to outdoor interventions including large-scale murals — meditating on our everyday with an attractive blend of colour, abstraction and clearly recognisable forms.

Grip Face started drawing as a child. He was attracted to the graffiti, street signs and architecture of his neighbourhood and was soon experimenting with different art forms. By his early teens he was customising friends’ skateboard grips; the nickname “Grip Face” became his pseudonym.

An eclectic mix of interests and influences feed into Grip Face’s projects. Comics, personal introspection and the urban landscape all play a part, while faces, hair and hands are recurring motifs. In Doors Without a Destination, abandoned doorways received colourful makeovers; years later, they were purposely eliminated. Black Faces sees the artist’s musings on the human condition translated into a range of portraits, while murals such as Gestos Post Catarsis or European Bathers address racism and immigration.

Project info

Exhibition #Exporteditems in the Jan Arnold Gallery

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