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Fabiane M. Borges

Fabiane M. Borges

area: Theory, Space Art, Art & Technology

Casa Nuvem — Rio de Janeiro. Ritual’s theme: live Sci-Fi cinema — Fiction and Noisecracy (31/06 and 01/07/2015) — Organized by Fabiane M. Borges and Lívia Diniz. (Vídeo/photo by Amanda Flow)

Schillerpalais — Berlin. Ritual’s theme: Intersection between do-it-yourself technologies and ancesterfuturist knowledge (19-20/02/2016). Organization and video/photo by Fabiane M. Borges)

Key Facts




Theory, Space Art, Art & Technology


Rio de Janeiro

recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

July 2017 - July 2017

Psychologist, Organizer of technoshamanism festivals 2016-2014, Talk and exhibition in Transmediale – Berlin – 2016-2014; talk and workshops in Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Zurich University of the Arts – Zurich 2016; Colaborator with Capacete, Rio de Janeiro 2015-2016; Curator of Arte en Órbita, Quito, Equator 2015; Talk in Beijin Overwhelming Imagination: Achieving and Undermining Contradictions - Si Shang Art Museum 2016;  Organizer of Submidialogia Festival – Arraial d´Ajuda – Bahia 2010; organizer of ACMSTC and Integração sem Posse – Prestes Maia Occupation São paulo /SP 2003-2006.

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My project is make a research about fiction, ontofiction, Space art and Space Culture, technology and acestry, technoshamanism in Vienna/Europe – with a little meeting for presentation of it or a publication (online if I have no support).

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