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Chris Sims

Chris Sims

area: Game Design, Writing

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Game Design, Writing


Renton (WA)

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November 2017 - November 2017

Chris Sims is an experienced game creator with proven skill in designing characters, dialog, adventures and quests, stories, and worlds. That skill extends to developing and promoting intellectual property, as well as mechanical development, technical editing, and copy editing. With acclaim from superiors and colleagues, he has led and participated in cross-functional teams to create successful content for major entertainment brands.

His work includes award-winning publications that span three editions of the Dungeons & Dragons game, including the New York Times best-selling fifth edition. He has also produced material for Magic: The Gathering , Duel Masters , State of Decay 2 , and many other products. Chris Sims is enthusiastic about helping game companies develop intellectual property that excites, satisfies, and expands their audience.

Chris Sims


Game for Vienna Art Week, Zamspielen

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