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Caetano Carvalho

Caetano Carvalho

area: Sound Art, Performance

Key Facts




Sound Art, Performance



recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

June 2017 - June 2017

2015 MFA, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL.
2013 Masterclasses in Performance and Artistic Research, Sonic Acts, STEIM and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
2011 BFA, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL.
2010 EEA10 - European Exchange Academy, Beelitz, DE.
2010 Artistic Research, UvA - University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
2000 Specialization in Computer Science, Fundação Viscondi Cairu, Salvador, BR.

Exhibitions (selected)
2017    Coming up, Solo Shows, São Paulo, BR.
2017    Is There Any World to Come?, solo, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL.
2015    C’hu, collaboration initiated by Caetano, W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2014    Radical Software, group show initiated by Caetano, W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2014    Artista Como, group show, Espaço Pivô, Sao Paulo, BR.
2013    Ant’s Path, solo, Workshop Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
2013    Goodbye Lukas, group show, Amstel 41, Amsterdam, NL.
2013    Five  Hundred and Ten Shows, No Revolution, W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2013    Society for the Preservation of Future Ruins, solo, Outpost, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Unreasonable Lover, group show, De Slang, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Uberlina Cave, solo, Impakt Foundation, Utrecht, NL.
2012    Cantus Firmus, group show, W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Video Drome Show, group show, SETUP, Utrecht, NL.
2012    Title to be Decided*, group show, MEXICO Project Space, Leeds, UK.
2011    Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL.
2010    Crossing Points, group show, Beelitz, DE.
2009    Internet Pavilion with the Embassy of Piracy, Internet Pavilion,  Venice Biennale, Venice, IT.
2009    Uncut, Group Show, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2005    Public Interventions or Bending Social Systems, II Salão de maio do GIA, Salvador, BR.

2016    Respira Conspira, CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, BR.
2016    I<3CAMP, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL.
2015    The Fucking Pissed Remix, Parking Lot magazine, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL.
2013    Roccha, Lost Property, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Quicktime meu amigo, Mobile Radio 30a Bienal de São Paulo, São Paulo, BR.
2012    Computador Macaco Assobio Não, Museum N8, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Computador Macaco Assobio Não, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Artist nonTalk, Soup for the Night, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Soundscapes at the Fashion Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    Hunting Ghosts, Title to be Decided*, MEXICO Project Space, Leeds, UK.
2012    AUXXX, STEIM & OT301, Amsterdam, NL.
2012    DEW, Au Café de Paris, Paris, FR.
2011    Open Night, STEIM, Amsterdam, NL.
2010    The Young Shaman Perspective, STEIM, Amsterdam and WEI, Eindhoven, NL.
2010    CLOUD, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
2009    Avelas Octet, Piece for 8 noises machines operated by humans, Night of Unexpected, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL.
2008    Sound card crashing and Sampler abuse, NIU Tsunami, Barcelona, ES.
2008    Sound card crashing and Sampler abuse, DNK Amsterdam, Smart Project Spaces, Amsterdam, NL. and NIU Tsunami, Barcelona, Espanha.
2006    Hipersônica, FILE, São Paulo, BR.

2016    Internet Survival Guide (in Collaboration with Jonas Lund), CAPACETE, Rotterdam, NL.
2016    Petit Beaucoup Croatan, Open Set Summer School & Kunstblock, Rotterdam, NL.
2012    Pan Quasi Cinema, HKU & Impakt Foundation, Utrecht, NL.

2015    Black Rainbow, album, Al Revés (SP-BR), Toztizok Zounds (Amsterdam - NL)
2012    Versal Magazine 10, Amsterdam, NL.
2009    Implode, Al Revés, São Paulo, BR.
2007    Juízo de valores indolentes, Al Revés, São Paulo, BR.
2006    Al revés, Al Revés, São Paulo, BR.

Caetano Carvalho


Continuation to research on automation, the body and (cybernectics &) art. Title: the Cybernetic Theatre.
The brazilian art historian Leandro Nerefuh (& performer) will collaborate.

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