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Andrei Timofte & Ovid Pop

Andrei Timofte & Ovid Pop

area: Media Art, Video Art

Flatten Area performance - Sugar, spice and Everything nice, copyright SATellite Gorup

Spam factory - Wanderer above the sea of fog. Iasi. Performance, Andrei Timofte

Tester, Personality Test - performance

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Media Art, Video Art


Botoșani, Cluj

recommending institution Stiftung

time period

October 2017 - October 2017

ANDREI Timofte (born 1988, Bucharest) lives and works as an artist and freelance designer in Iasi, Romania. Currently, he’s studying for a Phd in visual arts, at the “Faculty of Fine Arts and Design”, University of Arts “George Enescu”, Iasi. Since 2010 he has been an active member of the SATellite group (Social Artistic Tendency) together with DELIA Bulgaru and ALEX Tărnăuceanu.
His practice combines dreams, past ‘marking’ experiences and futuristic fantasies in order to translate into a hybrid representation of multiple reality negotiated through emphatic acceptance.
Experimenting with various mediums he’s curious about the way cultural production and local politics could merge in order to influence/or not the public sphere or isolated rural places which are often, visited and revisited during more years.
He’s interested in the way environmental graphic designs and cultural branding affects daily life and can be used as a constructive practice.

2016, July - ongoing, Artistic Prophecy. Talking about people and ecology, video work, Piatra Neamt, Romania
2015, July: Altering the distance between two poles – video-performance Andrei Timofte, Botosani, Romania
2014: SATellite on –video artist portrait of SATellite Group, produced by Iasi and, Iasi, Romania
2014, November: On earth – Everybody must eat!, video-performance, Botosani, Romania
2012, November: presentation of SATellite Group activity during „The Trade Show” Symposium, curator: Olga Stefan, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2012, November: presentation of unrealized projects of SATellite (Planck time and The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog) invited by / Iasi, Iasi, Romania
2011, November: Flatten Area, SATellite Group, part of Exhibition as a (micro)city, foyer of The ”Luceafărul” Theatre for Children and Youth, curator Catalin Gheorghe, Iasi, Romania
2011, February: My0card, SATellite Group, Laura Partin and Gabriela Stoica, Moldova Mall Gallery, Iasi, Romania
2010, April: Recycling Ghosts, SATellite Group, curator Catalin Gheorghe, apARTe Gallery, Iasi, Romania
2009, May/ June: Un Nuevo mundo, Andrei Timofte and Cristina Totolici, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Pontevedra, Spain
2009, February: Tester: Personality Test, Drive Test, Job Test, Andrei Timofte, Alexandru Tarnauceanu and Adrian Poroh, apARTe Gallery, Iasi, Romania

Ovid Pop:
2016-ongoing: Das Literarische Kollektiv in Wien, transnational literary group of writers working in German as a second language
2016, October: O bola populara (A popular disease), short story published in Corner, Tranzit, Bucharest
2016, February: From Over Here, in the Periphery: a decolonial method for Romanian cultural and political discourses, Gazeta de Arta Politica; Critic Atac
2015: Winner of the Exilliteraturpreis with the short story: Der Exerzierplatz (The Drill Ground), published at the Edition Exil
2014-2016: Co-lector at the National University of Art Bucharest together with Veda Popovici: Collective Dignity and the Rhetoric of Belonging: a fragmented history of the production of national identity in Romanian art and culture from the 1970s to the present day, Pattern Lectures
2009-ongoing: contributions in Mezosfera (Budapest), Gazeta de Arta Politica (Bucharest), Die Presse (Vienna), Dilema Veche (Bucharest), Critic Atac (Bucharest), Observatorul Cultural (Bucharest), Noua Literatura (Bucharest)
2009: author of the novel Trickster, Polirom, Iasi
2008: co-author of the novel Rubik, Polirom, Iasi
2007: co-author of the collection of essays Amintiri din Comunism (Memories of the Socialism), Publishing House: University of Bucharest

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Our video work, We disobey! Freedom of the market place, deals with the production of the locality in the context of globalized economy. We focus on the market place as a locus where the contradictions of current asymmetric production relations are strikingly expressed.
During Andrei Timofte’s stay, we will work on the production of a video footage centered around central and peripheral market places in the city, such as Naschmarkt and Viktor Adler Markt. Together we will film and discuss, visit and re-visit these urban complexes in order to reveal a more structural story of the sites, a hidden view to the local eye. Rather than creating a narrative or documentary story of the sites, our common purpose is to localize the relation between liberty and constraint emphasizing the difference between local centers and global peripheries. The visual intention is to display frames that connect local people both with the commodities and with the architectural elements – starting from the technical manner of capturing through motion. The purpose of discussing the material is to insert, in a second phase of the project, short notes or poetical sketches to accompany the images and unveil the location of the beholder.  
The title of the work points directly to the thin line between freedom and constraint in the global/imperial matrix of production. Which commodities are exchanged, where, and how are they changing the urbanscape? Is globalization homogenizing spaces, people, consumption cultures, or are there variations in this process, which reshape old divides and hierarchies? And not least: what is the place of resistance in all this?

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