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Siniša Radulović

Siniša Radulović

area: Media Art, Digital Art

77 questions © Siniša Radulović

77 questions © Siniša Radulović

Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter © Siniša Radulović

Things We Haven’t Found inside the Walls © Siniša Radulović

Uroboros © Dusko Miljanic

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Media Art, Digital Art



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time period

September 2016 - September 2016

Siniša Radulović
born 1983 in Podgorica, Montenegro.
Graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro, department of painting.
MFA degree (post-graduate studies) at Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro


2016. Grand Prix, Hercegnovski zimski likovni salon / Herceg Novi Winter Art Salon, Montenegro
2011. First prize for painting on 33. Montenegrin Art Salon “13 novembar”, Cetinje, Montenegro
2004. Spinnaker art gallery award for painting, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Selected group exhibitions:

2015. Kultur Kontakt, Gallery of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Vienna, Austria
2014. Interactions, Palazzo Calò, Bari, Italy
2014. Light, Center of Contemporary art of Montenegro, Dvorac Petrovica, Podgorica, Montenegro
2014. Ego sum, Center of Contemporary art of Montenegro, DvoracPetrovica, Podgorica, Montenegro
2013. Empathy - Montenegrin Contemporary Art, Pristina, Kosovo
2013. Heterotopias, Gallery Remont, Belgrade, Serbia
2013. Bicephalous – Yugo art, LeksandKulturhus, Sweden
2012. Intersections - Montenegrin Contemporary Art in 21st century, Erarta – NCCA - National Center for Contemporary Arts, Ekatarinburg, Russia
2012. Recognition II, Academia Gallery, National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria
2012. Intersections - Montenegrin Contemporary Art in 21st century, Erarta, Contemporary Art Museum and Galleries, Sankt Peterburg, Russia
2012. Montenegrin Modern and Contemporary Art in 20 and 21st century, Art Gallery
„Miodrag Dado Đurić“, Cetinje Montenegro
2012. Tag, Collegium Artisticum, 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2011. Recognition II, National museum, Kumanovo, Macedonia
2011. 33. Montenegrin Art Salon “13 Novembar”, Cetinje, Montenegro
2010. Centro - Periferia, Federculture - La Cittadell’Acqua , Rome, Italy
2010. Recognition II, Art Gallery “Nadežda Petrović”, Čačak, Serbia
2007. Pont Avenir, Centre d’ArtContemporain, Pont Aven, France

Solo exhibitions:

2015. Flattened Fauna, Atelje Dado, Cetinje, Montenegro
2015. Flattened Fauna, National museum Kraljevo, Serbia
2009. Cabin fever, Galerija “Centar”, Podgorica, Montenegro
2006. ULUCG, Art Pavilion, Podgorica, Montenegro


2007. Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art, Pont Aven, France
2012. P142, Artist in Residence, Berlin, Germany
2015. KulturKontakt, Artist in Residence, Vienna, Austria

Siniša Radulović


Idea of the project is to revisit historical connections between Austria and Montenegro, with focus on the period from 1916 to 1918, when Montenegro was under occupation of Austrian-Hungary. Main concept of proposed project is based on recreating hybrid which evolved from this period and redefining it in contemporary context. Both countries landmarks will be replaced along with their traditional imprint, and that ironical structure will result with visual and video representation that criticize contemporary society. While it may be partly research of historical data, project will focus on Postcolonialism theories in order to create visual representation of fictional country.

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