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Peter Millard

Peter Millard

area: Animation

VIS 2016 Trailer

Key Facts


Great Britain





recommending institution


time period

May 2016 - May 2016

Q21 Artist-in-Residence Stipend VIS Vienna Independent Shorts (Fruit Fruit)
Special Mention Lago Film Fest Italy (Boogodobiegodongo)
Special Mention Animafest Cyprus (Boogodobiegodongo)
Insomnia Festival Russia Equilibristics 1st Prize (Unhappy Happy)
London Short Film Festival Little White Lies special mention (Hogan)
RCA Daler Rowney Drawing Prize 2011 (Hogan)

Unhappy Happy - 2015
Fruit Fruit - 2013
Boogodobiegodongo - 2012
Left Nude – 2012
Hogan - 2011
Custard - 2010
I bought some really nice apples the other day - 2009
Bluuuurgh - 2009

Festival Screenings:

Unhappy Happy

EIFF Edinburgh International Film Festival U.K
Ottawa International Animation Festival Canada
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (Japan)
Encounters Short Film Festival (U.K)
London International Animation Festival (U.K)
London Short Film Festival (U.K)
Fantoche Switzerland
Pictoplasma Germany
VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Austria
Insomnia Festival Russia

Fruit Fruit

Edinburgh International Film Festival Scotland
Ottawa International Animation Festival Canada
New Chitose Airport Animation Festival Japan
Anima Mundi Brazil
London Short Film Festival England
VIS Austria
Animage Brazil
Pictoplasma Germany
Klik Animation Film Festival
TMDG Argentina
Animateka Slovenia
New British Film Festival Russia
Toronto Animation Arts Festival International Canada
Lago Film Fest Italy
Kinofest Romania
Animfest Greece


Ottawa International Animation Film Festival Canada
Encounters Short Film Festival England
Vienna independent shorts film festival Austria
Pictoplasma Germany
FilmFest Dresden Germany
London Short Film Festival U.K
New York Rooftop Films U.S.A
Toronto Animation Arts Festival Canada
EMAF Germany
Premiere Plans D'Angers Film Festival France
Mo and Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival Germany
WNDX Festival of Moving Image Canada
Eyework’s Experimental Film Festival U.S.A
Internationales FilmFest Emden Germany
Australian International Animation Festival Australia
Melbourne International Animation Festival Australia
Fest Anča Slovakia
Fresh Film Fest Czech Republic
Animafest Cyprus (Special Mention)
Animac Spain
Lago Film Fest Italy (Special Mention)
Flatpack Film Festival U.K
Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival U.S.A
Primanima Festival of Animation Hungary
Autopic Festival U.S.A
CAKE Alternative comic expo Chicago U.S.A
Inconnu festival France
Northwest Animation Festival U.S.A
Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival U.S.A
Bloody Hero Film Festival U.S.A
Banjalukanima Film Festival Bosnia
Fresh off the Grill film festival U.S.A


Ottawa International Animation Festival Canada
Encounters short film festival U.K
London Short Film Festival U.K
Sofia International Film Festival Bulgaria
Giraf Animation Film Festival Canada
Primanima festival of animation Hungary
Kinemastik international short film festival Malta
SFF London U.K
Flip animation film festival U.K
Birmingham Arts Fest U.K
Flatpack Film Festival U.K
RCA Shorts U.K


Flip animation film festival U.K
Flatpack Film Festival U.K
Kinofest Romania
Be There Animation Festival Corfu
Animated Exeter U.K
Citrus Cel Animation Festival U.S.A
Just For Laughs Film Festvial Canada
Gimli Film festival Canada
Lago Film Festival Italy


Comic Con (U.S.A)

Vox Populi Philadelphia May 3rd - 26th U.S.A 2013

Animation Workshop Image Forum Shibuya Tokyo Japan 04/08/13
Lecture Image Forum Shibuya Tokyo Japan 30/07/13 and 04/08/13
Lectures Tokyo Zokei University Japan 30/07/13
Flatpack Film Festival hand drawn animation workshop. April 2013
Surrey Square Primary school two one day animation workshops as part of Reachout RCA. October 2012

Tenderflix Gallery Experimental Film 2011 (Custard)
Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted 'Repulsive' 2010 (Bluuuuurgh)

Royal College of Art 09/2010 – 07/2012 MA Animation
University of Wales Newport 09/2007 – 06/2010
Malvern Hills Art College 2006 – 2007

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Peter Millard


In a world where animation is mostly created on the computer I want to bring people back to a time where all they had was wax crayons, paper and there imagination. 
Animation can be quite stressful to make when it doesn't have to be and can be as loose as possible because I believe what is most important is the energy behind the drawing which then lends itself to the movement. 
I'd like people that attend the workshop to participate in some stream of conscious writing where il give each person a piece of paper and get them to write down anything that comes in there head and force them to keep writing with no break for 2/3 minutes.  Then within that writing there should be something that can be the start of an animation.
Then id like people to make 5 drawings with their right hand then 5 drawings with their left hand.  Then a break where id get everyone to read out they’re writing into a recorder.  Then back to drawing, but this time will get participants to hold the wax crayon awkwardly for 5 drawings with there right hand, then for the last 5 simultaneously from right to left.
Il then capture all the animation on a digital camera and edit there readings into the final edit to create a mish mash of sound and will be a nice little piece to show everyone.


With the space given id like to create several basic animations of faces going across screens/projections very slowly.  Each animation will have a different mismatch sound track of classical music create an almost nightmarish atmosphere.

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