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Paul Plamper

Paul Plamper

area: Sound Art

KAUF Berlin, Photo: Paul Plamper

KAUF Berlin, Photo: Paul Plamper

RUHE 1 Museum Ludwig. Photo: Jörg Carstensen, DPA Picture Alliance

DIE SCHLANGE Installation by Paul Plamper

DIE SCHLANGE. Photo: Hans Broich-Wuttke

DAKD. Photo: Evelyn Plamper

Das Akustische Kleist Denkmal. Photo: Anna Schäffler

Key Facts




Sound Art



recommending institution

TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

time period

August 2016 - August 2016

Paul Plamper


Production of an eight-channel sound work and a 7-part series of A1 images for the TONSPUR_passage at the Q21/MQ in Vienna (TONSPUR 71).

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