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Marita Fraser

Marita Fraser

area: Visual Art, Artistic Research

Installation, 2012 © Marita Fraser

O.T., 2016 © Marita Fraser

O.T. (detail), 2014 © Marita Fraser

O.T. (net), 2015 © Marita Fraser

O.T. (net), 2015 © Marita Fraser

O.T., 2014 © Marita Fraser

Key Facts




Visual Art, Artistic Research


London (GBR)

recommending institution


time period

September 2016 - September 2016

Marita Fraser’s practice examines the visualisation of structures and diagrams, be they scientific, cultural and/or aesthetic. Her work is materiliased through collage, painting, sculpture and installation. Her most recent research looks at how textile acts as an agent within artistic processes and its reception.  Marita Fraser has exhibited internationally with recent solo shows include Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna;  Gallery9, Sydney; Cointemporary, www; Engen Stadt Museum, Engen; Kunstlerhaus, Vienna (in collaboration with Alex Lawler). Recent group shows include Ittenology, Rook and Raven, London; The Trouble with Painting, Pumhouse Gallery, London; Something New, Josh Lilley Gallery, London; Afterimage, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna and Prima Interventionen, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria. Fraser has undertaken a number of international residency programs and was a founding director of Viennese Off Space, Bell Street Project Space until 2010. She is currently a Phd candidate at Royal College of Arts, London.


PHd candidate, Royal College of the Arts, London,
2006 - 2010     
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Heimo Zobernig class)
2001 - 2005     
Bachelor of Visual Arts (1st class honors), Sydney College of the Arts
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Muntean + Rosenblum class)

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Marita Fraser, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna
Marita Fraser, Gallery9, Sydney
Marita Fraser, Cointemporary
Marita Fraser, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna
Love of Diagrams, Engen Stadt Museum, Engen
Marita Fraser, Gallery Karol Winiarzyk, Vienna
Marita Fraser, James Dorahy, Sydney
In passing 9, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna (with Alex Lawler)
Rio, Marita Fraser, MOP, Sydney
Urban Signs - Local Stratergies, Praterstern, Vienna, (with Alex Lawler)
Modern Love, James Dorahy, Sydney
Marita Fraser, Bell Street Project Space, Vienna
I’ll be right back, Peleton, Sydney
Recent work with paint, Academy of Fine Art Vienna

Selected Group Exhibitions:
Ittenology, Rook and Raven, London
Was die Wange röthet, kann nicht übel seyn, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna
Balls, Nest, The Hauge, The Netherlands
Group Show, Gallery9, Sydney
The Trouble with Painting, Pumhouse Gallery, London
Marita Fraser and Freya Douglas-Morris, Peter von Kant, London  
Every bird brings a different melody to the garden, No Format, London
Birds of Paradise, James Dorahy, Sydney
Pantone 705 C, The Mews, London
Austrian Sculpture Project, Vienna Fair
Something New, Josh Lilley Gallery, London
Afterimage, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
Mountains and Valleys, James Dorahy, Sydney
What is an Art Book?, The Modern Language Experiment,  Volume 2, London
Object as Image, Vesch, Vienna
Prima Interventionen, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria
Silver Moon, • (Lisa Ruyter Gallery), Vienna
Caution colour!, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch
Love of Diagrams, PICA, Perth
Pattern Recognition, PS, Amsterdam
Women, Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna
Bell Street Project Space and The Hex, Kunstbeuro, Vienna
Provence, Mix-Tape and Driftwood, Hamburg
Early Dawning, Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna
Faith and Lust, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney
The Real Thing, MU, Eindhoven (curated by Vvork)
Silent Post, Pavement Gallery, Manchester
The Center of Attention. Kunst als Soziotopie, Radetzkystraße 23, Vienna
Back to Basel, The Foreverending Story, Basel
The Economic Powerhouse, Neocon Central, Frankfurt
The Forgotten Bar, Berlin (curated by Forever Ending Story)
Abstrakte Kunst im Jahr 2009, Rondo, Graz
Investigations, Gallery Karol Winiarzyk, Vienna
SkulpTULLN, City of Tulln, Austria
Here comes the Ocean, Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station, Karlsruhe
Existance in a Letter, Cluster, Berlin (curated by Barbara Buchmaier)
Junger, Immanence, Paris,
Work in Progress, Forum +, Concertgebouw, Brugge
Aktuelle Positionen der abstrakten Malerei, Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe
Pudel Kollektion, Hamburg
Spiel weiter du süsses etwas, Cluster, Berlin
En Bloc, Karlsruhe
Seasons in the Abyss, Mop, Sydney
Stupid as a painter, brick 5, Vienna
The Invisible Reading Room, presented by The Invisible Inc, Firstdraft, Sydney
1st Vienna Biennale, various locations, Vienna

Residencies, Grants and Awards

New Works Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
Artist in Residence and Stipendium, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria
Artist in Residence, Artspace, Sydney
ArtStart Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
Artist in Residence, Cité International des Arts, Paris (AGNSW, Australia)
Artist in Residence, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
Zelda Stedman Scholarship, University of Sydney
Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship

Selected Media and Reviews
Two London-based Artists Playfully Juxtapose Color and Geometry, Anna Furman, Artsy
Heitere Malerei, mit und ohne Pinsel, Nichole Scheyerer, Falter, 19.12.15.
Post Internet Art, Ebay and Geroetet Wangen, Christina Benzer, Der Standard, 13.02.15.
Das wohlige Ambiente der Abstraktion, Anne Katrin Feessler, Der Standard, 30.05.2012.
Die un/sichtbare Stadt als Aktionsraum der Widerspruche, Ursula Maria Probst und Franz Thalmair, Kunstforum 212, 2011. P. 66.
Subtil und mit Farbklecksen,  Ann Katrin Fessler, Der Standard, 22.02.10.
Urban Signs, Local Stratergies, Franz Thalmair, Kunstforum, 200, 2010. P. 314.
Abstraktion als Referenz, Milena Dimitrova, Artmagazine 30.09.10.
Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, 27.02.10.
Graphic display of clever ideas, Ted Snell, The Australian, 30.09.10.
Art Notes, Nien Schwarz, Art Monthly Australia, No. 233,10: 56.
In the loop, Realtime, 20.09.10.
Die Stadt als Bildträgerin, Franz Thalmair, Der Standard, 6.10.09.
Vier Ecken Aktueller Malerei, Der Standard, 24.09.09.
Wiedersehen am Praterstern, Artmagazine, Andrea Winklbauer, 29.11.09.
FBI radio, interview on Canvas, 26.04.09.
InsideOut, April, 2009.
Metro, Sydney Morning Herald, 10.04.2009.
Artnotes, Art Monthly, April, 2009.
Top10, Metro, Sydney Morning Herald, 07.07.08.
Open Gallery, Kelsey Munro, Sydney Morning Herald, 01.08.07
Best of Vienna, Falter, May, 2007
Looking at Painting, Volume 2, by Jessie Churchill (Ed.) 2016.
Fluc: Tanz die Utopie!, M. Wagner (ed.),Falter, Vienna, 2014
What is an art book Volume 2, Modern Language Experiment London, 2014
WUK Kunstahalle Exnergasse 2012, WUK, 2013
Afterimage, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK, 2012
Marita Fraser, Love of Diagrams, Bucher Verlag, Austria, 2010
Love of Diagrams, PICA, Perth, 2010
Locksmith Nr. 1, published by Locksmith, Sydney, 2009
Magazin Textuelle Bildhauerei NR 4, 2009
Runway, Issue 12, published by Invisible Inc., Sydney, 2009
Modern Love, James Dorahy, 2008
Magazin Textuelle Bildhauerei NR 3, 2008
Abrechnung, One Star Press, Paris, 2008
En BLOC, Koi, Karlsruhe, 2007
Runway, Issue 9, Invisible Inc., Sydney, 2007
SPACE 3, An Australian Independent Creative Network, Space3, Sydney, 2006

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Marita Fraser


Marita Fraser’s practice examines the visualisation of structures and diagrams, be they scientific, cultural and/or aesthetic. Her work is materiliased through collage, painting, sculpture and installation.  Her most recent research looks at how textile acts as an agent within artistic processes and its reception.  During her residency at Q21 Fraser will continue research into the use of textiles within a contemporary art context. She will connect with other researchers in Vienna who are working in and around this area, study a number of textiles collections housed within Vienna as well as developing and presenting new work.

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