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Li Li

Li Li

area: Media Art

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Media Art



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SCHAURAUM Angewandte

time period

March 2016 - March 2016

2015 I Start Art Festival, Chengdu, China
2014 Fiction, Organhaus, Chongqing, China
Fiction, Gallery Soap,Kitakyushu,Japan
2007 Word of Mouth from Four Corners, The 3rd Guiyang Art Biennale
Exhibit, Guiyang Art Museum, Guiyang
2005 Archaeology of The Future, The 2nd Triennial Of Chinese Art, Nanjing Red
Classic Art Gallery, The Nanjing Museum, Nanjing

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Li Li


In the bustling, crowded street, stores play music or display advertisements with high volume to solicit buyers. Advertising sound higher than 100 dB rises one after another in the street. Maybe the stores use higher-than-100-dB horn to drown out the sound from cars and talking people. Meanwhile, the metro radio is higher than 90 db. Then people are also shouting to each other, making the city noisier than it already is. Now it is like boiling Hot pot to demonstrate its disorder, chaos and vitality with the force like exploding firecrackers.
All the hubbubs, all varieties of loud noise turn to a buzzing background sound, having no senses and unable to understand. I hope to present such a transparent box device in an exhibition hall in the museum.
Through the electric device, the commercial advertisement sounds that I collected in Chogqing should be turned into vibration, and vibrating the fireworks debris piled inside the transparent box. The vibration was supposed to be interpreted, but it became unreadable since it was disordered by the paper scraps. No we probably can see the slight tremor of the paper scraps and hear the rustling friction of about 10dB.

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