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Lejla Kalamujić

Lejla Kalamujić

area: Literature

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Bosnia and Herzegovina





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February 2016 - March 2016

Born in Sarajevo in 1980 where she still lives. Graduated at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology.
She’s the author of the two collection of stories “The Anatomy of a Smile” and “Call Me Esteban”.
She writes prose, essays and reviews in magazines and on web portals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Lejla Kalamujić


I would use the time in "Artist in Residence Program" to write my new book – collection on short story. For a year now, I research historical documents and old newspaper in Historical Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to find all material about writings on LGBT persons thought the Sarajevo’s history. I have found many interesting articles about claims and punishing LGBT persons in different time and political and social environment. My goal is to – through short stories – present the idea of “sickness”, its develop and changing till now days.

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