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Jul Gordon

Jul Gordon

area: Comic, Drawing

Performance, stories, Oireau, Chicago 2016 © Jul Gordon

Performance, stories, Oireau, Chicago 2016 © Jul Gordon

Le Parc, Na éditions, Marseille 2016 © Jul Gordon

Le Parc, Na éditions, Marseille 2016 © Jul Gordon

Le Parc, Na éditions, Marseille 2016 © Jul Gordon

Vienna 2016 © Jul Gordon

Performance by Artist-in-Residence Elena Cologni, Vienna 2016 © Jul Gordon

mumok, Vienna 2016 © Jul Gordon

mumok, Vienna 2016 © Jul Gordon

Key Facts




Comic, Drawing



recommending institution

KABINETT comic passage

time period

July 2016 - July 2016

Ongoing project: Kontaktcenter, Assoziation für Comic-Lesungen und Publikationen:

Publications (solo):
Performance, stories, Oireau, Chicago 2016
Le Parc, Na éditions, Marseille 2016
Wohnung Nr. 10, Kontaktcenter 2016
Hot dogs, Eigenpublikatio, 2015
Performance #1 und #2, Tiny Masters, 2015
Emigrant P., MamiVerlag, 2014
Kontaktcenter, Tiny Masters, 2013
Sonnenweg, Eigenpublikation, 2012

Exhibitions (participant artist):
2016: The Title says it all, Galerie 21, Vorwerkstift
2014: Mummy! Westwerk, Hamburg
2015: Wanderausstellung der Nominierten des Comicbuchpreises der Leibinger Stiftung
2013:Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein Linz during the NEXTCOMIC Festival
2012 Between Mountains, Murasakimo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Jul Gordon


Series of narrative drawings.


I was lucky to stay in Vienna during the hot month of July.
When I arrived, Simon Häussle of the Kabinett Passage gave me a warm welcome and we went to an exhibition of Anna Haifisch the Galerie Diana Lambert which is a very nice and special place.
During my stay, I worked on the Comic which will be published by the Kabinett and sold in the Comic-automat in the Museumsquartier. I like the idea to sell comics in the automat very much and I am happy to be part of it.
The Impulstanzfestival, which takes place in July and August gave me the possibility to draw during their workshops, which was interesting and inspiring. In addition, I could see a piece by the company Ultima Vez, which was an offer to the artists in residence of the MQ.
I spent quite a lot of times in various museums and exhibitions in Vienna, where I also drew.
It was very nice to get to now the people who run the Risography office Soybot.
I also enjoyed it a lot to have a drink in the Kaffeehaus Weidinger and to take a walk on the Zenralfriedhof, to swim in the donau and to walk through the Türkenschanzpark.
I cannot really say that I ENJOYED to visit the exhibition in the Narrenturm, but it surely was interesting and I learned things I didn´t know before concerning Tubercolosis, Syphillis etc.

After two weeks of the four weeks of my stay, I offered a small drawing workshop, gently supported by Simon Häussle, who invited students and other interested persons to it.
It was a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts and get to know drawers from Vienna.
We held the workshop In my studio and also cooked together in the studio kitchen, which was cosy and nice.

All in all, my stay in Vienna was an inspiring and encouraging experience.

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