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Elena Cologni

Elena Cologni

area: Visual Art

Key Facts


Italy, Great Britain


Visual Art


Cambridge (GBR)

recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

July 2016 - July 2016

Elena Cologni has a PhD in Fine Art (with psychology and philosophy) from University of the Arts, London Central Saint Martins College, 2004 (CSM). Her academic positions as artist include a Post-Doctorate Fellowship at CSM (Arts and Humanities Research Council UK 2004/06), a Research Fellowship at York Saint John’s University (Arts Council of England, 2007/09). Process is central to her 'research as art practice' approach, and she often collaborates with academics and professionals from other disciplines with open formats as part of her process. Her work include dialogic undertakings resulting in drawings, sculptures, video and text. She has performed and exhibited in the US, Europe and the UK, including: Venice Biennale (Venice), Museum of Modern Art (Bologna), Museo Tosio Martinenego (Brescia), Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Bergamo), Italy; Karsy Sanat (Istanbul) Turkey; Tournai Cathedral, Tournai (Belgium), National Portrait Gallery (London), Tate Modern (London), CCA Glasgow, Whitechapel Gallery (London), MK Gallery (Milton Keynes), UK, and has had residences at Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Wysing Arts Centre. She is the founder and director of Rockfluid, umbrella interdisciplinary project outcome of a residency at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Experimental Psychology, awarded with two Grant of the Arts, Arts Council of England, and Escalator Visual Art Retreat at Wysing Arts Centre, Escalator live art, Colchester Arts Centre. This includes many international site specific interventions, investigation the relationship memory, perception and place.

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Elena Cologni


My time in Vienna will be an opportunity to think and develop a body of work about issues of place attachment and belonging, and within the wider context of a critical echology of memory. My work has been addressing our continuous engagement with place, and how, in the live process of memorising (and recollect) our experience, we change our very perception of it. Our identity inevitably evoles withing this dynamics, and, most importantly, in relation to others.

Years ago, I chose to leave my country of origin, and I still now find myself in the position of renegotiating who I am in relation to it on a daily basis. As an artist recently developing almost exclusively site specific projects, in order to create the work I tend to experience a deep sense of attachment to the place, and then mourn a loss brought about by the following separation from it. This is a very current and widely shared social condition, and its effect on the individual and society as a whole is hard to predict, I can only start looking into it subjectively.


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