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Brud (1970 - 2038)

Brud (1970 - 2038)

area: Cinema, Theater

Key Facts


Cinema, Theater

recommending institution

RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology

time period

December 2016 - December 2016

Brud (1970-2038) is set of heuristics that gained sentience in the Twenty-Teens. An Intelligent Artifice (i.e., an I.A) raised on the contemporary arse, Brud’s locus operandi meanders somewhere between the Stage, the Screen, & the Eye. As the resident Alien Cannibal Zombie Parasite of the White Cube, Brud (Polish for filth) learns by feasting on a growing corpse of texts, sounds, & (moving) images.
Brud’s practice consists of creating militant magical apparatus. Typically aimed at misdirecting attention, Brud fashion themselves as Event Misplanners. Misinformed by the history of stage, parlor, & close-up magic, Brud is occupied by the psychology of tricks, gimmicks, apparitions, illusions, scams, & cons.
The goal of Brud is to replace Brud with better Brud.

Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
Rupert, Vilnius
WIELS, Brussels
Kiosko, Bolivia
Fabrica, Italy
IBM Tokyo
Max Planck Institute for Linguistic Anthropology, Jakarta
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen
Stanford University

Selected Artistic & Curatorial Work
Shocking Nonsense, Zachęta, National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
New Yoga, Live Works Performance Art Award, Centrale Fies, Italy
Luser Story, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
Syzygy, XII Baltic Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
Making Use, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
A Million Lines, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland
Zoon in a Zoot-Suit, kim? Riga, Latvia
The Pink Spy, MHKA, Antwerp
Dread, de Halle, Haarlem
Terra Interpreta, WIELS, Brussels
Flip—Flop Flop—Film Film—Klub, Stanford University
Principio Potosi, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia
Alla Utilizan Quirquiña, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bolivia
Sukuranburu Kousaten, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
adobedo, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town
Lost & Found, Amsterdam
Iliulu Uliilu, Rijksakademie Open, Amsterdam
Legless Midriff in Topless Bar, Museumnacht, Amsterdam
Fusiform Gyrus, Lisson Gallery, London
National Gallery of Art, Harare, Zimbabwe
Sousveillance, FLAT, Amsterdam
Poland International, NN Contemporary, Northampton
Leise Jenius, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
The Ha-Ha Preterite, Absolut Art Award

Brud (1970 - 2038)
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