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Madi Piller

Madi Piller

area: Media Art

© Madi Piller

© Madi Piller

© Madi Piller

Key Facts




Media Art



recommending institution

ASIFA Austria

time period

April 2015 - May 2015



Solo Exhibition at Pix Film Gallery
Dimensions: The Fungi affair One Channel Video, Photography, Sculpture and
Oculus Rift head set
1925 Untitled, 16mm, 5min. B/W, Stereo
Solo Exhibition at WARC Gallery – 7200 frames under the sun – Installation
7200 frames under the sun – Commissioned for LIFT 30th anniversary, Super 8mm 18fps, 3:20min. x 2 B/W and Colour, Silent
70 metres, Super 8 18fps, 12min, B&W an Colour, Silent
Animated Self –Portraits / Autoportraits Animés, 35mm, 8:45min, Colour, Dolby
LEFT TO PARADISE – Commissioned by Trinity Square Video – Video HD, 5min, Colour, Stereo
My Buddha- Installation remembering Richard Gorman group show at Christopher Cutts Gallery
Documentary : John Straiton  Independent Filmmaker , Video HD, 45min, Colour, Stereo
Sous l’Œil du Temps
The Old Debate of Don Quixote vs Sancho Panza – Commissioned by Liasion of Independent Filmmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) for the Program Poetry Projections II
Toro Bravo, 35mm , 3:40min, Colour, Stereo
Vive le Film - Commissioned for LIFT 25th Anniversary, 35mm, 2:13min, Colour, Stereo
L’étranger/The Stranger, 35mm, 3min, B&W and Colour, Stereo
Etude #2, 35mm, 2min, Silent
Anonymous,1855, Video, 1:32min, Colour , Stereo
Goodwill, 16mm, 1 min, B&W, Silent
Legend, Video and Super 8, 5min, Color, Stereo 
Chambre de Torture, 1944, 16mm, Super8 and Video, 2:29min, Color, Stereo
Graffiti, 16mm, 1:50min, Color, Mono
Loops: Impressions and Geometrics, 16mm, Silent


Mobile Media 1 & 2 presented by the Ontario Arts Council
Center for the Art Tapes (Halifax)
New York Anthology Film Archives (NYC),
Ann Harbor Festival (Michigan)
Museum of Modern Art in Bogota (Colombia)
Various festival venues across Canada, US, Europe and South America


•    quartier21/MQ in Vienna - 2015
•    Klondike Institute of Art and Culture – 2014
•    Independent Imaging Retreat - 2013

PROGRAMMER (2003-Present)

•    Toronto Animated Image Society – Creating and organizing various artist talks, Masterclasses , workshops and screenings and special production projects including:  Graffiti Project, Franco-Ontario Animation, Latin Dimenssion, Aboriginal Expressions, Cut & Paste Photo Collage Project, DRIFT: The Elements, Hellen Hill Remembered, etc.
•    Jewish Animation Celebration presented in Toronto in 2005 , 2006, 2009
•    Selection committee for Animation program at KAFI: Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, 2008   
•    Ashke-Animation for the Ashkenaz Festival  2007
•    Israeli-Canada Animation for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2006


•    OP-ART Re-imaged: Imaginable Spaces, 2013 – Artists invited Rebecca Baird, Herri Hay, Christy Langer, Simone Jones, Jenn E. Norton, Sarah Kernohan.
•    HELLO AMIGA, 2012  - Artists Invited Amy Lockhart, Mark Pellegrino, Lorna Mills, Daniel Barrow, Alex Mcleod, Barry Doupé.
•    Gil Alkabetz: Decoding Narrative – Retrospective program curated for the Ottawa International Animation Festival  2011
•    Eleven In Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation 2009 (presented in November 2009 at the Cinematheque Ontario and Christopher Cutts Gallery)

ARTS EDUCATOR (2003- Present)

Designed, prepared and presented various technical and creative courses on animation and filmmaking for the Toronto Animated Image Society.
Instructor: cameraless and experimental animation courses , 16/35mm Oxberry animation camera, Super 8mm, Bolex 16mm. 
Guest speaker at GIRAF, KAFI and OIAF (Animation Festivals in Calgary, Michigan and Ottawa)
Presenter at conference in ANIMAFEST, Zagreb
Guest instructor at Île Courts Festival international du court métrage de Maurice


National Film Board of Canada, FAP, Production and post-production - 2005
Toronto Arts Council, Emerging media artist -2006
Ontario Arts Council, Emerging media artist - 2008
LIFT, Production Grants: 2006, 2007, 2011
Ontario Arts Council,  Mid career, production 2010
Canada Council for the Arts, Production Media-Arts, 2011
Canada Council for the Arts, Reasearch Media-Arts 2012
Ontario Arts Council, Avance Media, 2015
Ontario Volunteer Service Award, 10+ years volunteer in the arts, 2015
National Film Board of Canada, Honourable Mention Home Movie Day Festival, My Best Friend’s Son
Triple F Festival, first Prize Co-op Challenge for
Anonymous, 1855

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In my recent work, “Untitled 1925”, I started exploring my identity as Peruvian. The work was framed in the context of a research / exploration of the immigration of my grandfather from Romania to Peru in the early 1920’s. In his travels he arrives at the port of Callao and travels through a vast and undeveloped territory to Cusco were he surprisingly participates in a boxing match. He also became a peruvian citizen before going back to his country of origin. His peruvian nationality save him from WWII returning to South America in 1937.
In the research process I am very interested in experimenting and creating work on film with the Krass animation stand held at the ASIFA-Austria Studio.


The Residency at The Museum Quartier was a great opportunity to find the perfect space to continue researching and to advance my work. I am also very grateful of the artist talk organized by ASIFA Austria and the presentation of an installation of my recent work in the ASIFAKEIL gallery.
They did fantastic work in helping me networking to share my media art practice with local artists animators, experimental filmmakers and sound artists.
I enjoyed opening my studio space to visitors brought in by Museum Quartier and to show my work done on Oculus Rift and other experimentations on 35mm film.
Vienna was inspiring to me in every corner of the city as well as inspiration gained by visiting places nearby such as the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, and the Donaufestival in Krems.
I also found a great support researching at Filmmuseum and at the map department of the library in Vienna.
I was also able to do some great networking with local festivals such as Tricky Women Film Festival, VIS, local galleries and exhibition spaces.

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