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Ljiljana Ilić

Ljiljana Ilić

area: Literature

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June 2015 - June 2015

Translated books (contemporary literature, psychology, children books) for several publishing houses in Serbia (“Booka”, “Prometej”, “Propolis”). Member of the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia.


Her collection of poems “Nije zabava to sve” (“Not all of it is fun“) (2010) was published by “Pesnicenje”.  The poem collection “Preča posla” (“Rather something else”) (2014) was published by ”Najbolja”, the edition for contemporary poetry. Her poems have been set to music by various songwriters (Danilo Sol, choir “Kombinatke“ from Ljubljana, Slovenia). She also published poems in several literary magazines in Czech, Polish, Slovenian and German language. Ljiljana also writes poetry for children.


Ljiljana sings in several alternative musical collectives and groups, such as I CARESSED A DOLPHIN; HALI GALI; choir PROBA. She also participates in workshops with alternative children choirs MOONCHILDREN and AprilZMAJun, initiated and guided by the art group “Skart”.

Ljiljana cooperates with the art group “Skart” on several projects; she is a member of “Pesnicenje/Poetrying” editorial staff - the poetry reading events (“active poetry trainings”) organized in the Cultural Centre “Rex”, in schools and other places throughout Serbia and the region. She also collaborates on music projects initiated by “Skart” and participates in workshops for children.
Together with the writer David Albahari she works on the project titled “The Writer is a Stamp”.


I would use my stay in Vienna for more comprehensive research of poetry for children written by Austrian contemporary writers. Furthermore, I would like to make selection of poems, translate them into Serbian and offer them to several Serbian composers on alternative scene in order to make choir arrangements for children, having in mind already existing network of musicians who participated in poetry events “Pesnicenje“ in Belgrade.
The established Austrian-Serbian link would be the starting point for making further projects such as readings, concerts or workshops both in Austria and Serbia. This would also be a great opportunity to put accent on the importance of literature for children and reconsider its position and role in literature once again.
Besides this, composed poems would also be presented on social networks such as youtube in order to make them visible and available to wider audiences.
Since I am the member of the organizational team of the poetry events “Pesnicenje”, results of these collaborations would be presented at these events aimed for children. Some of translated and composed poems would be performed also by school rock'n'roll bands.

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