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Laura Mello

Laura Mello

area: Sound Art

Key Facts




Sound Art


Berlin (GER)

recommending institution

TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum

time period

August 2015 - August 2015

1972 born in Blumenau/Brazil IN 78-88 Brazil takes piano classes, takes dance classes (Blumenau) 88-01 (Curitiba) takes piano classes, takes dance classes 91-01 Studied Social Communication, Composition and Conducting, post graduated on Aesthetics. 03-05 Vienna postgradualer Lehrgang Elektroakustische Musik Theodor-Körner Preis 06 Berlin begins her PhD at the TU Berlin (Audiokommunikation) about Video-Dance Performances (Tutors: Stefan Weinzierl, Helga de la Motte-Haber) 07 Musiktheater at the Institut für Neue Musik (Universität der Künste & Hans Eisler) 08 … OUT 78-88 brazil plays the piano, sings in the choir (blumenau) 84-86 theater for the youth as (young) writer/director 88-01 (curitiba) plays the piano again viola too plays the piano in the choirs viola in the orchesters writes music for music writes/plays music for theater 01 olegárcio – pocket opera 02 (florianópolis) teaches at the university plays with dancers writes/plays music for theater 03-05 OUT vienna avadata – for guitar and tape on the phone – 4 channel, video, dance plays with jamparanoia dances with slowforward and d.d.dorvillier triggers music and lights in the theater thru austria IN learns skying pro-tools MAX/MSP 06-07 berlin djane´s room in mqw wien parallels in the studiobühne berlin triggers lights in köpenick for nina hagen plays music for dance, takes dance classes takes singing classes birth of KosmetiKRadio 08-09 OUT birth of metaphernwerkstatt participates on operare residency at pact zollverein composing for many media including me at 100° Sophiensaele collaborates with anima dance workshops audio editing and intermedia composing residency in vilnius haikus in curitiba liebeslied wettbewerb and hörensehen2.0 festival IN takes dance classes takes video classes buys a piano 2010 new intermedia projects: daily prayers/piano logic visual, as performer singer in HAU (Live Currency) and Sophiensaele (Barnes Dance), Eurolatin Performance Project (CH/D).

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Laura Mello


Production of an 8-channel sound work and a 7-part poster series for the TONSPUR_passage / MQ

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