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Igor Hofbauer

Igor Hofbauer

area: Comic, Drawing, Zine

INjustice © Igor Hofbauer

Once Upon © Igor Hofbauer

BRANKO © Igor Hofbauer

Key Facts




Comic, Drawing, Zine



recommending institution

KABINETT comic passage

time period

April 2015 - April 2015

Igor Hofbauer was born in Zagreb in 1974. He studied at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb for three years and afterwards he dedicated himself to designing and illustrating.
Igor Hofbauer is known among many fans of alternative music since he had a great impact on club scene’s visual identity. His most famous work are his posters and flyers for the club Močvara in Zagreb. He designed more than 100 posters for the club Močvara and other contractors in Europe and at least 20 CD covers for Croatian and foreign bands.
His work was also published in The Art of Modern Rock, a book that offers a selection of the finest rock posters in the last 50 years (Paul Gruschkin and Dennis King, 2004).
The style of his posters and drawings is instantly recognizable, based on a combination of classic American comics and film noir, pop art, German Expressionism, and Russian Constructivism, cleverly connected by the hand of a developed drawer.
In the last few years Igor started drawing comic books. His inspiration is his neighbourhood, Novi Zagreb, and the movies that touch him. Last year, his first comic book Prison Stories was released at publishing company from Zagreb, Otompotom and at the Portuguese publishing company Chili Com Carne. He has collaborated with Croatian fiction writer Edo Popović on several illustrated books that were published in Croatia and in Germany.
During his residence in Studio Azil he started drawing his new comic book, which he is going to self-publish and will be released by the end of the year. The main scene takes place in Novi Zagreb and its characters are elder inhabitants living in block of flats. Lives of the elders, which he meets in the elevator or on the corridor, fire his imagination. He says that he is not interested in the topic of apathy and the real world but it is the world of dreams that fascinate him. In the world of dreams people and
places known to us are completely different than in reality yet we can identify them without difficulties.
Besides the fact that he started drawing his new comic book, Igor also did some painting for Menza pri koritu during his residence.
He painted a painting (size 2X2m), which illustrates club’s activities.
As a scenographer, he has worked on various theatre plays as well as for Croatian National Television. He is the author of scenography for popular teenage TV show Briljanteen.

TNT, Bordeaux, 2003
Alkatraz, Ljubljana, 2003
Bienale Mladih, Athens, 2003
Kocka, Split, 2004
Leon Cavallo, Milan, 2005
Kazamat, Osijek, 2005
GRRR, Festival Pančevo, 2005
Tvornica Jedinstvo, Zagreb, 2007
StripRoute, Harlem, 2007
Izba, Novi Sad, 2008
Crack, Rim, 2008
On the Margins, Portland, 2008
Europa xxl, Lille3000, Lille, 2009
Novo doba, (CZKD) Belgrade, 2010
Comic festival de Beja, Portugal, 2010
Printemps Balqanique, Caen, 2011
Le cri de l‘encre, Lyon, 2011
Comic Salon, Erlangen, 2011
The Projects, Portland, 2012
Croatie la voici, Paris, 2012
AU Galerie, Vienna, 2012
FOFF, Angouleme, 2013
Troche Kultury, Poznan, 2014
Vendetta, Marseille, 2014

Art Of Modern Rock (Paul Gruschkin and Dennis King), 2004
Handwritten – expressive lettering in the digital age (Mirko Ilić and Steven Heller), 2004
5 godina Močvare, 2005
Prison Stories – comic book, 2007
Firma (book of skatches)

Further Works:

- Illustrations for several newspapers and books.
- Worked with the writer Edo Popovič illustrating the writer’s stories.
- Designed more than 100 posters for the club Močvara in Zagreb.
- Designed various posters for foreign contractors (mostly for the clubs in Europe).
- Last but not least, he also designed more than 20 CD covers for Croatian and foreign bands.


During his residency in Vienna, Igor Hofbauer will work on drawings and on sequential works. From drafts and notes, that will be created on daily wanderings through the city, he will distill surreal sequences of images in his customary manner.
Based on those materials, he will produce a publication for theKABINETT comic Passage. Accompanying the publication, there will also be an exhibition of his works created during his residency in the passage's showcases.

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