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Ugo Pecoraio & Marco Zwick

Ugo Pecoraio & Marco Zwick

area: Fashion Design

© Marco Zwick

© Marco Zwick

© Marco Zwick

© Ugo Pecoraio

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Switzerland, Italy


Fashion Design



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time period

September 2014 - September 2014

S I L E N T SS 15 by Ugo Pecoraio

The collection SILENT is inspired entirely by sinusoids-individual frequencies created from a sine wave. Each look consists of four individual frequencies that are played simultaneously to create its own unique tone.  Listening to the tones produces an intense meditative state through which synesthesia can occur. I was guided exclusively by the frequencies, letting the colors and shapes that appeared in my mind`s eye materialize through the clothing. The clothing thus emerged through a complete devotion to the sounds. I designed only when I listened to the tones, and listened only while I designed. I mingled with the sounds. The sounds merged with me. The ear was the eye.  We exist in a world flooded with imagery. Surrender sight to instead hear this flood of images, and allow the flood to take form before your inner eye.
Listen to see!

Marco Zwick:

VIRTUES In past collections, I’ve always worked with different virtues. From privacy to first ladies, in this collection my inspiration was Orthodox Jewish women.
I asked myself why the Orthodox Jewish culture refuses to allow any new influences from fashion into their community and tried to analyse their aesthetics as well as include them in my design. I wanted to maintain – or even exaggerate – the strength and conservatism of the Orthodox Jewish attire, which I’m fascinated by. The community’s dress codes are taken into account and integrated. Beyond that, I developed some codes of my own to assure an innovative design. Geometric forms, the classic suit and the naivety of a child lay the foundations of my interpretation.

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