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Steffi Weismann

Steffi Weismann

area: Media Art

Steffi Weismann, photo: Eva Ellersdorfer-Meissnerova

Steffi Weismann, photo: Eva Ellersdorfer-Meissnerova

Key Facts




Media Art



recommending institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

time period

July 2014 - July 2014

Steffi Weismann is a Swiss Live-Performance-Artist and composer, living in Berlin since 1988. She is working on audiovisual and spatial concepts in time based arts and is exploring the interactions between language, sound, and new communication media. Apart from works in the context of performance and visual art, she is performing experimental music and fluxus with the group "Die Maulwerker". Since 2003 she has completed a number of audiovisual projects with live-video in collaboration with contemporary composers. 2005 she began to work with interactive elements in audioperfomances and realised installations in public space (MaxMSP based) in collaboration with the sound artist Georg Klein. Since 2005 she is working with the musician Annette Krebs on audiovisual projects as the duo "Telefon". Recently she is focusing on outdoor interventions and her soundbelt "LapStrap" that she developed with do-it-yourself-technologies.

Steffi Weismann is the co-founder of several artist groups, independent art spaces and event series in Berlin: KuLe Auguststr. 10 (1990-2001), ex machinis (1995-2001), Labor Sonor (2000-2005) and Fernwärme - The Making of Performing Arts (2002-2007). She taught performance at drama schools in Norway (Fredrikstad) and Denmark (Copenhagen) in 2000/2001 and at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee in 2007. She has been awarded grants to work at the kaskadenkondensator (space for contemporary art and performance) in Basle, Switzerland (2003) and Nadine (centre for new media) in Brussels (2004). In 2008 she received a three-month stipend from the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles and 2009 a two-years grant for her artistic research from the Univerisity of Visual Arts in Braunschweig (Germany) where she is teaching in the fields of performance and sound art. In 2009 her performance "Move Mountains" has been awarded with the Swiss performance prize „Sicht auf das Original“.

Steffi Weismann VIS-A-VIS Intermedia Performances / Audiovisual Works
Artist Monography with DVD, editors: Petra Reichensperger and Steffi Weismann, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg 2009

Exhibition and Performance Spaces (selection):

Q-O2, Brussels (2011), ZKM Karlsruhe (2011/2006), 5533, Istanbul (2010), TRANSATLANTISCHE IMPULSE, Akademie der Künste Berlin (2010), INTERFICTION (interdisciplinary workshop symposium) Kassel (2010/2006); HÖRENSEHEN 2.0, Berlinische Galerie Berlin (2009); GENERAL PUBLIC, Berlin (2009); MIGMA Performance-Festival Lucerne (2009); Bone-Festival Bern (2008) SONAMBIENTE - international sound art festival Berlin (2006), TESLA Podewils'sches Palais Berlin (2005/2006/2007), LEM-Festival Barcelona (2006), Marks Blond Project Bern (2005), Swiss Institute Rome (2004), KASKADENKONDENSATOR Basel (1999/2003/2005/2007), Museum for Communication Berlin (2004), Trampoline - Festival for Live-Art und Media Art Berlin (2004/2006), Museum MUMOK Vienna (2005), Institute of transacoustic research Vienna (2005), Festival Kontraste Krems Austria (2006), HAU 1 / Festival Maerzmusik Berlin (2005), Festival Musique-Action Nancy (2005), Goethe Institute Buenos Aires (2004), Museum KUBUS Hannover (2003), "Staatsbank” Berlin (2003)


Participation in the exhibition PCFS (Post-Colonial Flagship Store) at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL from Oct-Nov 2014
Preparation of an audiovisual installation (UnzuRecht Finanz) together with Georg Klein

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