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Serina Erfjord

Serina Erfjord

area: Sound Art, Media Art

Sparkle, 2008 © Serina Erfjord

Key Facts




Sound Art, Media Art



recommending institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

time period

February 2014 - February 2014

2011 – 2014
The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, MA
2005 - 2008
The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, BA
2004 - 2005
University in Oslo, Biology
2002 - 2004
Bergen School of Art (KIB)

Upcoming shows
2014 WIRE Køge Kyst, Denmark
2014 Skjønne Sjeler Summer exhibition 2014, Seljord kunstforening.

Solo exhibitions and projects
2011 You have changed Small Projects Tromsø and Risør Kunstpark. (Erfjord & Wolff)
2010 Column and Corridor Project room at UKS (The Young Artists Society) Oslo
2010 Repeat Gallery Entrée. Bergen
2007 Sweat Gallery 21:25. Oslo
2006 Soft Spot Gallery 21:24. Oslo

Group exhibitions
2013    Flag New York City, Performa 13 Biennial, New York
2013    Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2013, The Vigeland Museum (Erfjord & Wolff)
2013    Skulpturevent, Veitvedt Sculpture Park (Erfjord/Oledal)
2013    The Limits of My Language Means the Limits of My World Platform Stockholm
2013     You only live thrice, 24 Spaces – a Cacophony Malmö Konsthall
2013    Possessions, UKS, Oslo
2013    Flagg 2013, L/R Residency and Entrée, Nesflaten, Rogaland
2012    Five thousand generations of birds, Hordaland
2012    Lyd Lys og Liv, Kvassheim fyr, Rogaland (Erfjord/Oledal)
2012    Lost Garden, Park outside Hennie Onstad Kunstsenter. (Erfjord/Oledal)
2012    Death & Taxes Tidens Krav, Oslo
2011    I Walk the line (Erfjord/Oledal) Ultima festival, Oslo
2011    The Annual National Exhibition of the Visual Arts (Høstutstillingen) Kunstnernes Hus. Oslo
2011    Arcadia Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger
2011    Stockholm Supermarket, Galleri 54
2010    Electrohype 2010 Ystad Art Museum, Ystad, Sweden
2010    A Sense of the Edge Gallery 54, Gothenburg
2010    Gneist Ulvik, Norway
2010    Strange Age Podium Hausmania, Oslo
2009    The Annual National Exhibition of the Visual Arts (Høstutstillingen) Kunstnernes Hus. Oslo
2009    Dark Matters Peder Balke Center, Toten, Norway
2009    Release: Album #2 One evening show. Gallery 0047, Oslo
2009    Freshness of Being Gallery Rekord, Oslo
2009     Soaré i Leopoldusgården Exhibition in the studio community, Oslo
2009    Young & Sound Ciant Gallery, Prague
2008     Electrohype 2008 Malmö Konsthall, Malmö
2008    Nackt –und abgasfarben Gallerie Kienzler & Gemeiner, Berlin
2008    Cowboys don’t cry Out door exhibition, Suldal, Norway
2008    Final year show Graduation show for BA. Stenersen Museum, Oslo
2007    Obergeschoss dritter Finger rechts - Norwegian Show Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2006    The Real World Gallery 21:24 / 21:25, Oslo
2006    Christmas exhibition House of Culture, Suldal, Norway
2006    Kellokoski Sculpture Symposium, Kellokoski, Finland
2005    Early Works Together with Iselin L. Hauge and Tone W. Kalstad Gallery Seilduken, Oslo

Erfjord & Wolff
Erfjord / Oledal

Grants a.s.o

2012    BKH stipend
2011     Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway (Erfjord & Wolff)
2011     Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway
2011    Work grant for younger artists 1-year
2011    Grant, Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Foundation
2010    Exhibition support, OCA Norway
2010    Project support, Arts Council Norway
2010    Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway
2009    Work grant for younger artists 2-year
2008    The Blix Stipend
2008    Project support, Arts Council Norway
2008    Project support, Suldal Commune


Electrohype 2010, Spesial Nord 02 2010, Statens 122. Kunstutstilling 2009, Enter 4 (international art/science/technology festival) 2009, Year-Book 08/09, Electrohype 2008, The Worst and the Best Yearbook 2007/2008, BA Catalogue 2008, Yearbook 2005-2006 / 2004-2005 Academy of Fine Art in Oslo


Participating artist in the upcoming exhibition "Connecting Sound Etc." curated by Georg Weckwerth.

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