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Nasrin Abu Baker

Nasrin Abu Baker

area: Visual Art

Paradise Key, Mixed media, 50 x 60 c"m, 2012 © Nasrin Abu Baker

امرة سجادة وبرتقال - "between a woman, carpet and oranges", Industrial Colors on Canvas, 165 x 95 c"m, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

برقة - " Veil ", Mixed media on Canvas, 165 x 95 c"m, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

Meridian, Acrylic on Canvas, 145 x 83 cm, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

" Elements of black " - عناصر سوداء, Mixed media on wood, 100 x 60 c"m, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

ماعز 2 - Arabian Nights, Acrylic on Canvas, 210 x 85 cm, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

Group of Women © Nasrin Abu Baker

" Self ", Mixed media on wood, 122 x 81 c"m, 2014 © Nasrin Abu Baker

Key Facts




Visual Art



recommending institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

time period

August 2014 - August 2014

Group Exhibitions:
2014: displaced Beauty, Givat Haviva Gallery.
2013 : Women in Art, festival city of Bari , Italy.
2013 : Legends Of Time, Video Art in Castle Sargans , Museum Castle Sargans, Switzerland
2013: Wonderland,Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin,Germany.
2013: Wonderland, European Parliament, Brussels. Belgium .
2013: Voices from the Interior: Palestinian Women Artist. Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.USA
2011: The Arab artist's national exhibition. Horizons, Mahmod Darweesh center  gallery. Nazareth
2010: neighborliness, Christmas holidays 2010, Haifa.
2009: 29 Km, Um el Fahem Art Gallery.
2008: Memory of the future, A l`espace cuturel "Memoire de l` Avener" Paris, France
2008: Biennale of young artist, Ramat hasharon.
2008: voice of females, Housing for the arts Holon.
2008: bride and roses, Minshar gallery. Tell - Aviv.
2007: Desert Generation, the Jerusalem artist house.
2007: Pieta in office, office Art Gallery, Tell – Aviv.
2007: see Not \Fear not, Um el fahem Art Gallery, Um el fahem.
2006: project women march for jobs Bread and roses, Minshar gallery, Tell - Aviv.
2006: Intensive care, Julie M. Gallery, Tell- Aviv.

SOLO Exhibitions:
2011:”On This Earth What Make Life worth Living”   Ramat Gan Museum .Israel.
2012:” The Present is Absentee” Um el fahim Gallery.

Art projects and Workshops:
2006: project," Piece of art – Peace of art", Hamburg, Germany
2008:, project "Restrictions on freedom and movement", Ramallah,   Palestine
2010: "International Art Symposium 2010" San Miniato. Italy
2011: "back and forth workshop" Art Symposium- Almahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine.


I was thought to use a typical Palestinian market cart, out of the "shop"..
People who cross the street, they are invited to peek into the cart by a black hole  (like the tunnel of time) they will see a presentation of the images/ photos  in black and white, with no change in the photos.. The original photos. On the other hand if they enter the shop they will see the same images are painted in “UNRWA sponsored”


I learned a lot during my stay at quartier21. It was given by a professional team, which allowed me to present my art project with ease.
During my stay I enjoyed the social life in Vienna, artists, museums, concerts, and street life.
I strongly recommend to artists from any field to try this experience.

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