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André Werner

André Werner

area: Video Art

Ceci n’est pas de l’art, shown as part of the opening of the c.a.r. 10, the contemporary art Ruhr fair. photo: Joerg Eckhardt

The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty, 2009 © André Werner

The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty, 2009 © André Werner

Key Facts




Video Art



recommending institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

time period

November 2014 - November 2014

born in Berlin, lives there.
Study of fine arts at the HdK Berlin, graduated 86. Honour as “Meisterschüler”.
Since the mid-eighties exhibitions, video-installations, videos and works in the public space.
Since 89 curator for group-exhibitions and video-screenings focused on video-art and room-installations.
Since 92 art-mediation, conception/publishing of art-publications.
Since 97 computeranimation, screen-animation for tv and movie-productions, conception and authoring of digital art-publications and computer-installations.
Founder and artistic director of Directors Lounge, a Berlin based platform and festival for contemporary media and art. Curator for the art resort magazine. His work has been widely shown on art fairs, video festivals and site-specific in the public space.

André Werner


Greeting Cards from Reality
Short film program as part of the exhibition "PCFS - Post Colonial Flagship Store"

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