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Tereza Keilová

Tereza Keilová

area: Architecture, Theory, Art

Key Facts


Czech Republic


Architecture, Theory, Art



recommending institution

f.e.a - forum experimentelle architektur

time period

January 2014 - January 2014

2013 (July - August)
Gaft & Onion – architectural office in Graz (Architect: Gottfried Prasenc)
Support with a student exhibition at the gallery DOX in Prague
architectural office PETR HÁJEK ARCHITEKTI
(Environmental Education Center in the Sudeten Mountains)
architectural office STUDIO FAM
receptionist at the architectural office CASUA

Project exercises with:
Prof. Arch DI Roger Riewe, TU Graz (Wintersemester 2012)
doc. Ing. arch. akad. arch. Petr Hajek, TTU Prag (2011-2012)
doc. Ing. arch. Vaclav Aulicky, TTU Prag (Wintersemester 2010)
akad. arch. Miloslav Cejka, TTU Prag (2009- 2010)

- August 2012- reconstruction of the brewery Slovany Pilsner
- October 2012- Trauerhalle in Prague- Řepy
- September 2013- Negrelli- bridge Workshop


Tereza Keilová works on the project "Urbo Kune – neue Hauptstadt der Vereinigten Staaten von Europa" in cooperation with forum experimentelle architektur and Klangforum Wien. "Urbo Kune" is a long-term project that intends to create a scientific and cultural capital for Europe that will unite several fields, in particular urbanism and New Music. Keilová is occupied with the conceptual and artistic work on "Urbo Kune".


Urbo Kune- the common city of Europe
Tereza Keilová- FA CTU Prague
-Theoretical work; consultant Ing. arch. akad. arch. Petr Hájek, Jan Tabor (forum experimentelle architektur)

Theme of thesis: Urbo Kune
At the beginning I would like to say that Europe is consisted of a lot of different countries and nations, so my work is about how to find the way of connection. In Europe there are 46 countries, some of them are similar. Some of them are totally different .
But I was looking for something what we had common. And I remembered the story the tower of Babel which we knew from Bibel. The story is about that people wanted to built the city as a tower in which they will not be disperse around the world. But the tower was more for the glory of men than for the God so he became angry and gave people different language. They didn´t understand each other and they had to go away so after that there were created nations.
My idea is more about the nations than the countries because I think borders are sometimes not so natural. So Urbo Kune should be something like a treasury of each nation which can keep the culture, history and especially the language. Because the language was the common attribute and using this character into the language group or family we can find the relationship. I would like to create the City of Understanding.
The most difficult problem was to say where? Where should be this ,,city”?. That is very hard to say because in Europe there is no ,, free “ land or land of no one, and to find some code where it is right place I am still not sure about my conclusion. I didn´t want to prefer some country, where will be localized this city. I chose that it can be in the central point of Europe, but it is also not so clear because the borders of Europe are not defined. During the history of Europe there were a lot of central points, some of them were measured in favor of the country and I chose one, which was fixed by scientist an expert. It is situated in Lithuania.
From this place I put directions where the languages grew. I got roots with one centre, because this is the one place which should be the same for all of them (only Samoyedic group is totally different). At the end it looks like roots of tree, or branch, on the end of each branch is nowadays language like English, German, Italian and so on, there are also death languages for example Latin church, or totally death branch is Anatolian.
 You can start at point where you understand everything and through the building you can see and learn the protolanguage of your mother tongue. So you will go step by step in the centre of the building (language institute) and maybe if you will find some men from another root you will understand each other because the protolanguage should be same for all roots.
 It is only basic idea, because nowadays we don´t have any knowledge about this protolanguages, but maybe if we will put it together in this building we will see.

Stay in Wien
Everything was perfect and well organized from your part and from Forum experimentelle architektur.
Thank you for everything.
Tereza Keilová

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