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Simona Koch

Simona Koch

area: Media Art

Erbe-Teilung © Simona Koch

Grenzen-Europa © Simona Koch

Organisms-Book © Simona Koch

Universeller Stammbaum © Simona Koch

Universeller Stammbaum © Simona Koch

Universeller Stammbaum © Simona Koch

ORGANISMUS 8 / Wachstum - Körper #1 © Simona Koch

ORGANISMUS 8 / Wachstum - Körper #1 © Simona Koch

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Media Art



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time period

August 2013 - September 2013

Simona Koch * 1974

1992 - 98 Study Design and Illustration, Fachhochschule Nuremberg, Germany
1994 Guestsemester, Faculdad de bellas Artes, Sevilla, Spain
2001 - 07 Study free Arts, Class Prof. Ottmar Hörl, Masterclass pupil, Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany


2012   Bavarian Art Promotion Prize, Freistaat Bayern
2012   Debut stipend 12, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nürnberg
2011   Kunstpreis der Wilhelm und Christine Hirschmann Stiftung
2009   Tavel grant USA, Bayrisches Staatsministerium
2007   Kulturpreis Bayern der e.on Bayern AG
2006   Scholarship, Summeracademy Salzburg, Austria, Class VALIE EXPORT
2003   Scholarship DAAD, Russian Federation


2012   Publication “Organisms”, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Nürnberg
2009   ORGANISM 4/The Humongous Fungus, 2009:

2007   resp.project – netart project with meetings, 2007:


Developing an artistic work within the scope of paraflows 13.


The bodies of all living creatures consist of an inconceivably large number of individual elements. Growth is the multiplying or enlargement of these elements and consequently of the body itself. It is a process constantly taking place everywhere, and is ultimately responsible for the size and complexity of our own bodies. Growth is regulated by an internal programme whose functioning is altered, interrupted or ended when food is stopped, the ageing process or outside influence puts it an end. On the other hand all living beings are part of a larger evolutionary process which continuously brings change and development. Similar chain reactions also appear in other fields like culture and technique.

The installation is a reference on these omnipresent and life inherent processes – on multiple organic shaped objects one can observe these mechanisms of becoming and decay.

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