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Robert Şerban

Robert Şerban

area: Literature

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June 2013 - June 2013

Robert Şerban (born in Turnu Severin, Romania) lives in Temewar/Timişoara as a writer, (cultural) journalist and manager of a publishing house in personal union. As a producer and host of a cultural TV series in Romania, he has been a leading figure. His first book of poems (Fireşte că exagerez, 1994) was awarded. Ever since then, he has published nine books of poetry, interviews, prose; his poems were translated to a dozen languages.


From my point of view, my literary residence at the BSS within the MQ was extremely beneficial. I continued the writing on my novel, I wrote 40 new poems which will constitute a future book, called "On the breaking edge", as well as a short piece of prose about Karl Pelz.

I made research and study visits to the Viennese museums, especially MUMOK and Leopold, which will help me in my journey and work about the arts of the 20th and the 21st century.

I think this residence was an important step in opening new literary directions and carrying on the old ones.

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