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Michele Bertilorenzi

Michele Bertilorenzi

area: Comic Art

© Michele Bertilorenzi

© Michele Bertilorenzi

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Comic Art



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July 2013 - July 2013

2003-2005: Visual Graphic Development for Game Boy videogames at “Seven Raven Studios“
• 2005: Cover and illustrations for “Sine Requie, le terre perdute“, a RPG published by Rose and Poison
• 2005-2013: Anatomy and comics teacher
• 2005: Realized comic in a major national newspaper “Il Messaggero”.
• 2006-2012: Works as artist and cover designer for italian comic Madadh.
• 2008-2009: Works as artist on “Hellhounds” for Chimaera comics
• 2009: Works as artist on a short Batman story for “DCU Holiday spacial”
• 2009-2010: Realized his first Graphic Novel “The Chill” for Vertigo Crime line, written by best seller author Jason Starr
• 2010: Realized a story for Negative Burn Magazine “Snow”
• 2009-2010: Realized short stories for Marvel comics magazines such as “Cold shoulder on Nation X”, “Let Sleeping devils lie for Brake into comics the Marvel way”, Secrets and lies on Daredevil Black and Withe”, Rue Blood on X-men vs Vampires” and Professor X on Origins of Marvel Comics”
• 2010-2013: Teacher at “International School of Comics” in Florence
• 2011: Realized an episode of the Punisher-in the Blood for Marvel Comics
• 2011-2013: Realized several episodes of Dark Wolverine for Marvel Comics and starts a collaboration with “Bonelli Editore”

• 2005: Winner "Lanciano nel Fumetto award" for best new comic
• 2009: Winner of Marvel talent reserch contest “Chesterquest”


Continuing to work on my current project for the italian publisher Bonelli „Le Storie“

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