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Lucie Micikova

Lucie Micikova

area: Media Art

© Lucie Micikova

Cities on the Trees © Lucie Micikova

Events in a Treetop © Lucie Micikova

Events © Lucie Micikova

Living Architecture © Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

© Lucie Micikova

Key Facts


Czech Republic


Media Art



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

February 2013 - February 2013

Solo shows:

2013 upcoming(April):
Hit Gallery, Bratislava, SK

From Above, Liber Space, Zagreb, HR
The Zone, with Zuzana Žabková, part of Performance Group by Mirka Gáberová, Flat of Mirka Gáberová,  Bratislava, SK
Events in the Treetop,diploma work, Park of SNG, Bratislava, SK

The Invisible Cities #2, Bunka, Nitra, SK
The Invisible Cities, HOTDOCK Gallery, Bratislava, SK

Group shows:

Manual of Moments, Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ

First of the last days, solo performance night, A4,Zero Space, Bratislava, SK
The Discovery of Slowness II.,Tranzit, Bratislava SK
Asking Architecture,(with Bunka), part of Czech-Slovak Pavilion, Architecture Biennale, Venice, I
Diploma work of studio “IN”, Open Gallery, Bratislava, SK

The Wall archive, curator Pietro Gagliano, Archiviazioni, Lecce, I
The Discovery of Slowness, Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Košice, SK
BAMBINI’S, amt_project, Bratislava, SK

since 2009
curator of gallery Bjornsonova 2 with Ludmila Horňáková and Zuzana Žabková
project, in which we organize the exhibitions of young artists or nonartist in our flat

asisstant in a gallery amt_project, Bratislava

project for Archiviazioni, Artissima Lido, Torino, Italy


My work has been recently dealing with the phenomenon of architecture, I am interested in the approach of utopian architects, their visions as well as the artistic value of their sketches and projects. I often find inspiration in the work of Italian writer Italo Calvino.

My works are mostly made of the recycled material or the material which is easily available and they are made in a way that they look intentionally not artistically.

During my stay in Vienna I would like to continue on my research of utopian architecture. I have been often expressing myself by means of collage. I like to use simple techniques. I combine drawings, Xerox copies, photographs and paper scraps.
I would like to develop this media and enrich with new visual features during my  residence in Vienna.


I have been thinking how to contain this report from my stay in Vienna. Everything has gone so fast. Could I even register that I was somewhere?
I first started writing about shows, which I have seen, about openings, which I have visited, about my trips to Schönbrunn or to Butterfly house, about my walks in Viennese parks and about good cakes in cafes, but I found it irrelevant and in some respects even boring. On the other hand I have to write a little bit about Schönbrunn, because it was quite funny and a bit poetic visit (though in a different way that it could seem at first view. Furniture could be mostly seen through the plastic cover, some original wallpapers were replaced (temporarily) with large format prints, and in the very first room two workers cleaned with a duster in hands. The jingle of crystal chandelier interrupted the silence of the room.
It is indisputable that culturally I have enriched myself enough. Every Sunday afternoon I spent in MUMOK and during the week there were just few days when I didn't go to a gallery or a museum. In terms of exhibitions, I tried not miss anything, what happened that month in Vienna, at least not anything i knew about.
But what did this residence give me the most?
I am a person, who wouldn't stand in one place for long and my occasional change of environment is always a good thing. Whether it's the new people that I could meet, or the place as such. But I see the time, which I could devote to myself and to my work as the biggest advantage. Every day I got up, had a cup of coffee and started cutting and gluing. About a work, which I created during my residency in Vienna, I report in the attachment with illustrations.

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