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Birgül Oğuz

Birgül Oğuz

area: Literature

Hah, 2012

Fasulyenin Bildiği, 2007

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December 2013 - January 2014

Her various short stories, essays, articles and translations (more than forty publications) were published in Turkish magazines and newspapers such as Varlık, Notos Öykü, Dünyanın Öyküsü, Roman Kahramanları, Remzi Kitap, Radikal Kitap, Duvar, Parşömen, Birikim and Felsefe Logos. The playwright of Waiting, a play performed by Tiyatro Oyunevi in 2009, she is also the author of two short fiction books, Fasulyenin Bildiği (Varlık Publishing House, 2007) with which she has received the 2007 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Award and Hah (Metis Publishing House, 2012). She is currently giving lectures on text analysis and European novel at Nazım Hikmet Academy Department of Literature in Istanbul. She is also the chief editor of Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs since 2009. 

Published Works (Fiction):
Fasulyenin Bildiği (Varlık Publishing House, 2007; Yaşar Nabi Nayır Award) (short-fiction)
Hah (Metis Publishing House, 2012) (short-fiction) 
Waiting... (Tiyatro Oyunevi Ensemble, 2008-2009) (Directed by Mahir Günşıray and performed by Tiyatro Oyunevi actors in Turkish, English and Kurdish.  The world premiere took place in Istanbul and the play was performed as a part of SEAS project in North-Sea Countries and Nothern Europe. 


Last two years I have been working on English elegies, the psychology of mourning and melancholia, and politics of mourning in particular. My researches also include late 20th century Turkish novels coping with the traumatic experience of military coups and a series of pogroms targeted particularly towards the civil rights movements in Turkey. By the end of 2013 Summer, I am planning to begin writing my novella on the issue of collective mourning and left-melancholy in particular, which, I suppose and hope, will be pursued by my Phd thesis on the same issue. As fictional writing is my primary concern, my project proposal for quartier21 includes my novella in the first place, which will be a work-in-progress already at the beginning of October 2013. I hopefully think that two-months stay in Vienna will intensify and enhance my writing.

“After Gezi I think I know what to write and I do not know what to do.”

Q21 Writer-in-Residence Birgül Oğuz talks with Margit Mössmer about her work.

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My Stay in MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
As an invitee of the “Artist-in-Residence program,” I spent almost two months in Vienna from 1st of December 2013 until 23rd of January 2014. During my stay I wrote a couple of short stories, made some proof readings for some other stories I wrote previously and most significantly, draw an outline of a novella for which I will be working upon this year and probably the next. Moreover, I have made a couple of readings on Red Vienna and the intellectual concerns of the interwar era, and I was really fond of seeing a couple of exhibitions particularly focusing on the artistic and social atmosphere of the period. All the museums and exhibitions that I visited during my stay and all the people I met at MuseumsQuartier/quartier21 were really influential for me. And most importantly, being able to stay at the very heart of the city for such a long time and at such a beautiful studio was an unforgetable opportunity. It was a very productive and intellectually dense period, which had already proved to be quite effective and influential in my academic studies as well as in my literary concerns.
And thank you for everything!

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