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Andrea Schneider

Andrea Schneider

area: Video / Media Art

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Video / Media Art



recommending institution

Tricky Women

time period

March 2013 - May 2013

My name is Andrea Schneider and I’m a Zurich based animator and film-maker.

During three years of studying at the University of Art and Design in Lucerne, Switzerland, I got a rather ‘old school’ education in Animation, experiencing a wide range of different animation techniques such as drawing on paper, drawing on cells, drawing on film, 3D puppet animation and 2D stop motion animation.

For 2 years, I have been working part time as a motion designer at a film production company. We mostly do commercials and corporate films, so I’ve learnt to work quickly and efficiently, always prioritising what is essential and most important.

In the end, my passion is and will be drawing and drawn animation. I’m very interested in being innovative and creative by using traditional techniques on one hand and combining them with new kinds and new styles of animation on the other hand.

My films are also a perfect possibility to tell the people my stories and to make them think about the topics I care for. Sometimes I have the impression, that as artists, we see the world a little differently and maybe as a result we see new ways or different solutions we need to get into people’s heads.

In 2010 I created my first short film with animated puppets, together with 3 fellow students. The film highlights the topic of xenophobia through the example of a very polarizing political discussion in Switzerland at the time the film was made, about banning the right to build minarets in Switzerland.

For my graduation film, I directed a mockumentary about a character called Roni, with which I wanted to do an ironic portrait of a certain group of people I meet every day on their fixie bikes, wearing their big glasses and skinny jeans on the way to their fancy designer office.

With this film, I won the Artist-in-Residence-Prize at Tricky Women Festival 2012. So I’m staying in Vienna from March until the end of May 2013, working on the Trailer for the next Tricky Women Festival. Aside from that, I also want to start working on a new short film, using my time in Vienna to get inspired, get new ideas and to find stories, I want to tell.


Festival trailer for Tricky Women 2014

development of a video project


During my stay in Vienna I worked on the trailer for the Tricky Women Animation Festival 2014: <link http:>

I spent a lot of time discovering and getting to know the city and documented it with sketches, in texts and drawings. The outcome was (among other things) a blog with Viennese words (<link http:>, or a collection of explanatory drawings for Viennese coffee specialities, which I am currently showing in a small exhibition.

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