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Tamta Melashvili

Tamta Melashvili

area: Literature

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December 2012 - January 2013
Tamta Melashvili


In the late 1920s and early 1930s, a series of poems appeared on Georgian Literary Scene which quickly became popular and well-known in the public. Most of these poems were love poems and had very explicit erotic character. They were published under the name of Paolo Iashvili – the well-known male poet by that time though the series of these poems had been called Elene Dariani’s poems, but everywhere Paolo Iashvili was indicated as the author. These poems were a subject of controvercies, rumours and discussions for a long period of time. A close female friend of Paolo Iashvili was supposed to be the real author of the poems. The still ongoing research project under the Literature Institute also revealed the details and proofs that these poems belong to the “suspected” women – a female friend of Paolo Iashvili. She had long lived under the Soviets and died in the beginning of the 1980s but never exposed herself as the author. As for Paolo Iashvili, he committed suicide in 1937.

This is the real basis of my future novel I would like to start work on within the Künstlerstudio Program.

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