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area: Fine Arts

© Jiři FRANTA David BÖHM

© Jiři FRANTA David BÖHM

© Jiři FRANTA David BÖHM

Key Facts


Czech Republic


Fine Arts



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

September 2012 - October 2012


Together with Jiří Franta, I have been working with drawing and its crossing over for a long period of time. In addition to time-lapse projects, during which we have often drawn directly onto the wall of a gallery, and beyond performative actions investigating the process of origination and the participation of handwriting in the resulting drawing (the Almost nothing isn’t completely cycle), we have now come to time-consuming large format drawings. We are continuously creating a series of drawings, format 65x50, with which it is not clear beforehand what will arise and, by alternating, the resulting drawing defines itself and shifts. In the same manner, we dealt with a pencil drawing, format 410x257, and we have the intent to create many of these large format drawings.
The offer of a two-month sojourn within the “artist in residence” means to me a terrific chance for concentrated work and the opportunity to create more drawings, which will, moreover, be influenced by the new surroundings. I consider this a fundamental factor, which will influence not only the result, but also my perceiving of my work within this different context and my ways of thinking on the whole. For this reason, I would very much treasure the opportunity to work together with Jiří Franta during the residency.


Interview on the MQ blog (in German)

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