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Rodney LaTourelle

Rodney LaTourelle

area: Architecture, Design

© Rodney LaTourelle

Key Facts


Canada, Germany


Architecture, Design



recommending institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

time period

September 2011 - September 2011

96   Master of Landscape Architecture, Graduate Fellowship, University of Manitoba
88   Bachelor of Architecture (Environmental Studies), University of Manitoba

11   Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, Canada – solo exhibition
freiraum quartier 21, Vienna – group exhibition Totem and Taboo
Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary – solo exhibition
Aanant & Zoo, Berlin – solo exhibition (Berliner Zimmer)
Program Gallery, Berlin - Metrospective 1.0, group exhibition
10   National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa – It is what it is, Canadian Biennale
Proekte_Fabrika, Moscow – Who is Lou?, collaboration with Emma Nordanfors
Kunstverein Arnsberg – Jahresgaben, group exhibition
The Richard Massey Foundation, New York – Inaugural group exhibition   
Autocentre, Berlin – Transzendenz Inc., group exhibition
Exit Art, New York – Waterpod – Autonomy and Ecology, group exhibition
Hirtenstr 10, Berlin – TheFourth Floor on the Fourth Floors, group exhibition
L'Occurence, Montreal – Dans l'archipel du Waterpod, curated by Eve Tremblay
Visite ma Tente, Berlin – Casting, group exhibition
09   Centre de design, Université du Québec à Montréal – solo exhibition
The Forgotten Bar, Berlin - Transcendenz Inc. – Revisited  
Artforum Berlin off-site, Waking the Living – group exhibition
Cité de l'énergie, Quebec – Caught in the Act, curated by Josée Drouin-Brisebois
  Waterpod, New York City – group exhibition
  Exhibition, A Six Month Project, New York City – 211 Elizabeth St., group exhibition
MUDAM, Luxembourg – Let’s Meet in Real Life, part of Coalition of Amateurs
Artnews Projects, Berlin – Urzustand, group exhibition, curated by Reto Pulfer
08   National Gallery of Canada – Caught in the Act, group exhibition
Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg – Interval, solo exhibition
The Forgotten Bar, Berlin – The Jerry Lee Lewis Night, group exhibition
Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany – C1 project room, solo exhibition
07   Curators Without Borders, Berlin – Invisible/Invincible, group exhibition
Zustand, Berlin – Die Wechsel Der Zustände, group exhibition
Program, Berlin – In the Absence of Unambiguous Criteria, solo exhibition
06   ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland – solo show: Colour Transfers
SparwasserHQ, Berlin – group show – An Unlikely Return to the Legend of Origins
05   Laden Für Nicht, Leipzig, Germany – group show, Es Geht Voran!
Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany – Soft Republic / Jane Fonda
04   Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – Pharmakon
SKC Belgrade, Serbia – solo show, installation, Chronochroma 5
Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany – solo show: Chronochroma 4
Schloss Solitude Projectraum, Stuttgart, Germany – group show: Interference
03   PlugIn ICA, Winnipeg, Canada - solo show with Michael Stecky: Pharmakon
00   Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina, Canada - solo show, installation: Chronochroma 3
Fehrbelliner Hof, Berlin, Germany – solo show, installation: Chronochroma 2
Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Canada – billboard project, Beast Landscape
99   Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Canada – solo show, installation: Chronochroma

11  Halifax Public Library – competition shortlist (in process)
10  University of Winnipeg – Duckworth public overpass, public art installation
Buhler Centre, Winnipeg – public art installation
Kita Kastanienallee, Berlin – colour design for kindergarten building
Jardin de Métis – Jardin de la connaissance (with Thilo Folkerts)
09   Sporthalle Treptow Köpenick, Berlin – public art competition shortlist 
Zentrum fur Informations und Medientechnologie, Berlin - Adlershof – colour design
08   Finanzverwaltung, Königs Wursterhausen – public art commission, NAK Architects

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Donald Lenz, Toronto, Ontario
Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg
Kim Olynik, Winnipeg, Manitoba

10  Canadian Art (Nov) – It is What It Is’ – Bryne McLaughlin
Ottawa Citizen (Nov. 6) - ‘It Is What It Is’ – Peter Simpson
Border Crossings (issue 116) – Jardin de la connaissance, Stephen Horne
Le Devoir (Sept. 9) – Jardin de la connaissance, Daniel Marquis
Salon (Oct), Kiev, Ukraine – Jardin de la connaissance, Katerina Oshemkova
Bauwelt 35.10 – Bücher als Nährboden, Michael Kasiske
UQAM - Déploiement du modèle d'une expansion intérieure, catalogue
Transzendenz Inc. – Pinguin Druck, Berlin, catalogue
Abitare (July 29)- Jardin de la connaissance, Francesco Franci
09   Le Devoir (Sept. 26,27) – Qui a peur de la coleur? by Emmanuelle Vieira
  Le Nouvelliste (June 22) - Les spectateurs sont rois et maitres by Fran?ois Houde
  Le Devoir (June 21) - L'expo taquine by Jérome Delgado (re: Caught in the Act)
  Border Crossings (Issue 109) – review of Caught in the Act by Petra Halkes
  Interval – University of Winnipeg, exhibition catalogue, essay by Neil Minuk
  Muhtelif – conversation with Markus Miessen
  Complex Order – spmb architects catalogue, essay by Herb Enns
08   Caught in the Act - The Viewer as Performer – exhibition catalogue, National Gallery
  Globe and Mail (Review, Sat. Nov.8) – To see this art is to make this art, K. Taylor
  Complex Order – spmb architects catalogue, essay by Herb Enns – review of Caught in the Act, National Gallery
07   NY Arts magazine – Program gallery article, Sarah Stephenson
  C Magazine (Issue 94) - exhibition review, Patricia Reed
  Vonhundert (2nd issue) - 2 exhibition reviews, Rosemary Heather, Sandra Bortolli
  Die Tageszeitung (March 23) - Program exhibition review, Kito Nedo,
  We Make Money Not Art (Feb. 13) - (website) review by Régine Debatty
Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener (04) – exhibition catalogue
06   Es Geht Voran! - exhibition catalogue, Edition Leipziger Kreis
  Jahrbuch 8, Akademie Schloss Solitude – residency catalogue
05   Stuttgarter Zeitung (02, 06) - review of Soft Republic, Gabriele Hoffman
  Leonburger Kreiszeitung (01, 06) - review of Soft Republic, Christine Bilger
04   Chronochroma 5 - exhibition catalogue, SKC Belgrade, Serbia
  Leonberger Kreiszeitung (23, 02) - review of Chronochroma 4 - Guntram Zu?rn
03   Azure, (Sept-Oct issue) - ‘Art Therapy’, Michelle Devereaux
  Uptown (May 8) - ‘Of Sound Body’, review of ‘Pharmakon’
02   Canadian Architect, (Feb. issue) - ‘The Culture of Colour’, Herb Enns
  Azure, (Jan-Feb issue) - ‘Z House’, Adele Weder
01   Softcatalogue - Neutral Ground Architecture Series - Aquino/ Shanski
  Mix Magazine (vol.27, No.1) - ‘Chronochroma’
00   Leader Post, Regina - ‘Rationality Challenged’ – review of ‘Chronochroma’
  Tart Magazine (issue 7) - images of ‘Chronochroma’
99   Uptown (April 29) - ‘Tunnel Vision’ – review of ‘Chronochroma’

09   Canada Council, Travel Grant
07   Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘A’ grant
06   Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘A’ grant
Writer in Residence, Singapore Fringe Festival
05   Manitoba Arts Council, Special Project grant
Winnipeg Arts Council, Visual Arts Award
04   Winnipeg Arts Council, Travel grant
Manitoba Arts Council, Special Project grant
Canada Council, Visual Arts grant
03   Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘A’ grant
Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, 12 month Fellowship
01   Canada Council, New Media grant
Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘B’ grant
Winnipeg Arts Council, Visual Arts Award
00   Canada Council, Travel Grant
Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts, Special Projects grant
99   Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘B’ grant
Manitoba Writer’s Guild – ‘Poetry in Motion’ Prize
98   Manitoba Arts Council, Visual Arts ‘C’ grant

07   The Icelandic Oasis, Program Gallery, Berlin-Mitte – colour design
Montreal Biennale – Fan Base, ‘Cave’ design for Peaches
06   Program Gallery, Berlin-Mitte – colour design
  Ohio Cafe, Schlesische Str. 35A, Berlin – design with Bromsky Architects
  Hamilton Clinic, Winnipeg – interior colour design
99-06   Designer - DIN Projects, 4-211 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
05   Art Direction – video, ‘Catwalk’ by artist Tea Mäkipää
Art Direction – film, ‘Erzebet’ – written and directed by Gladys Lizarazu
95-02   Landscape Architect, freelance, Winnipeg, Manitoba
97-02   Exhibition Designer / Co-ordinator – Plug In ICA, 286 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg
02   Art Direction, set design -‘Cowards Bend the Knee’, Guy Maddin director

11  Artist Talk – Symposium: Void and It’s Value in Art and Life, Berlin
10  Artist Talk – National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Artist Talk – Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary
Artist Talk – University of Winnipeg
09   Artist Talk – Centre de design, UQAM, Montreal
Artist Talk – Context Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland
08   Artist Talk – Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg
Artist Talk – National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Artist Talk – Künstlerhaus Worpswede, invitation of Bernd Milla
07   Lecture – Künstlerhaus Bethanien - New Harmony exhibition, Dellbrügge & de Moll
06-07   Guest Critic – TU Berlin (invitation of Andreas Quednau, SMAQ architects)
06   Sessional Instructor (3rd year) - University of Manitoba, Dept. of Architecture
05   Artist Talk – SparwasserHQ, Berlin, Germany
Guest Critic, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, Germany
(invitation of Matthias Sauerbruch)
Lecture, “Colour-Space-Body” – TU, Karlsruhe, invitation of Erik Göngrich
04   Sessional Instructor (first year) - University of Manitoba, Department of Architecture
Moderator - CAMP for Oppositional Architecture, Berlin, Germany
Guest Critic, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Ku?nste, Stuttgart, Germany
03   Lecture: “Colour-Space-Body”, L'Ecole des Art Décoratifs, Strasbourg, France
98-06   Board Member, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
99-03   Programming Committee, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Canada
02   Guest Critic, University of Manitoba, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Eaton Studio
01-03   Guest Critic, University of Manitoba, Dept. of Architecture, Chon Studio

Books, Catalogues
11  The Beginning of the Misunderstanding – Catalogue essay about Erik Göngrich
10  Future Exhibitions No.2 – 'Space and the Visitor'
Cedric Bomford – ‘ The Terrain of Displacement’ catalogue text
Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum – interview for catalogue
09   Disruption from Within – Michel deBroin text, Plug In ICA
  I Remember Earth – Edith Dekyndt, catalogue essay
08   Present Perfect – Edith Dekyndt, catalogue essay
  Prisoner’s Cinema – Bernhard, Kharmann, catalogue essay
07   Word of Mouth, Vivocity, Singapore – curated by Heman Chong, catalogue essay
  The Sole Proprietor – Heman Chong (Vitamin Space, China), catalogue essay
06   Staring Into Space –TRAFO Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, essay for video program
  Pedestrian (Reid, Fassler) – ‘I Walk on Gilded Splinters’, catalogue essay
  The Peninsula –Singapore Fringe Festival, essay for video program
  Survive!, Tea Mäkipää – Künstlerhaus Bethanien, catalogue text
05   As Soon As There is More Than One – Elke Marhöfer, catalogue essay
04   Along the Gates of the Urban – Erdan Kosova ed., ’Bankleer’, catalogue essay
  Edith Dekyndt - b.p.s. 22, Charleroi, Belgium, catalogue essay
03   Paul Butler Exhibition Catalogue, PlugIn Editions – ‘Paul’s Boutique’, foreword
02   Plug In ICA – gallery pamphlet for ‘ARCHIGRAM’, exhibition essay
Ace Art – gallery pamphlet for ‘Diane Landry’, exhibition essay

Magazine Articles
11   Border Crossings (issue 118) – ‘Absolon’
09   Archistorm – ‘Between the Black Box and the White Cube’
  Spana! (Sweden) – ‘Neues Museum -Total Display’, feature article
  C Magazine (Issue 98) – ‘The Lap, The Fur’, Guy Maddin feature article
08   Canadian Architect (Nov) – Venice Architecture Biennale review
  C Magazine (Issue 96) – Hadley + Maxwell, interview
  vonhundert – Thomas Ravens, exhibition review
  Border Crossings (issue 105) – Swetlana Heger feature
07   C Magazine (Issue 95) – Kai Schiemenz, Fahnemann Projects
  Canadian Architect (July Issue) – Lisbon Architecture Triennale
06   C Magazine, Winter Issue (92) – Mike Kelley exhibition review
  C Magazine, Fall Issue (91) – Nico Ihlein exhibition review
  C Magazine, Spring Issue (89) – Erik Göngrich exhibition review
05   Border Crossings (issue 94) – review of Der Berg at Palast der Republik, Berlin
  C Magazine, Winter Issue (84) – ‘Get out of here and think we’ – on Elke Marhöfer
04   C Magazine, Fall Issue (83)– John Bock exhibition review
  Border Crossings (issue 91) – 3rd Berlin Biennale review
  C Magazine, Winter Issue (80) – Bankleer exhibition review
03   Neue Review, no.4, Art in Berlin – ‘Terry Richardson II’ (with Rosemary Heather)
  Poolside (Video Pool Journal) – Jocelyn Robert review
02   C Magazine, Winter Issue – ‘Sloan, Philipsz, McTigue’ exhibition review
01   Border Crossings (issue 79) – ‘City of Coloured Shadows’, essay on Berlin
00   Border Crossings (issue 77) – ‘Model of Impurity’, David Armstrong-6 review
  Border Crossings (issue 75) – ‘Program to Destroy’, Royal Art Lodge review
99   Border Crossings (issue 74) – ‘Enigmatic Methods...’, Edith Dekyndt review


installation at the exhibition TOTEM AND TABOO

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