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Natalie Zimmerman

Natalie Zimmerman

area: Film / Fine Arts

Poster © Natalie Zimmerman

eros-psyche © Natalie Zimmerman

Close the Eyes © Natalie Zimmerman

kimball screen © Natalie Zimmerman

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Film / Fine Arts



recommending institution

Fulbright Commission

time period

June 2011 - July 2011

Natalie Zimmerman’s film, video, audio, and photographic works address the physical and psychological dynamics of the contemporary body in relation to social, cultural and institutional structures. Her individual and collaborative work has been featured at various international venues including; Cinema Politica in Montreal, Angelika Theater (NY), Chicago Underground Film Festival, International Bermuda Film Festival, Moscow International Film Festival, SF Camerawork, Los Angeles Contemporary ExhibitionsLa Casa Encendida (Madrid) and Mediaterra International Art and Technology Festival (Athens, Greece). Her work has been exhibited at the de Young Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

She and her long-time collaborator, Michael Wilson, have been the recipient of numerous grant awards from foundations including; Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media, LEF Foundation, The Eastman Foundation and the Headlands Center for the Arts.

LINK to Islands trailer:

LINK to Close the Eyes trailer:
Follow-up project at the de Young Museum of Fine Arts in SF, titled "Social Dreaming in the 21st Century"

project description for Social Dreaming in the 21st Century:

Online project component, Social Dream Lab:


Close the Eyes, feature-length film, (work-in-progress)
An investigation into the impact of dreaming on the individual and collective psyches. Beginning in the city of Vienna, which is posited to be a gateway to the “underworld”, the film builds a psychological topography from experiences, encounters, reflections and observations with residents of the city. The film opens within the space of a dream located in Dr. Sigmund Freud’s office at the turn of the twentieth century. We are introduced to an eclectic cross-section of the Viennese public who discuss their perspectives on dreams, the unconscious, and the resulting effect on waking life. Each encounter reveals a new pathway on the filmmakers’ evolving map. Conversations are interwoven with original and archival imagery and text inspired by the long history of dream representations in fine art, film, music, and photography.


"Close the Eyes" trailer:

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