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Isabela Grosseova

Isabela Grosseova

area: Fine Arts

© Isabela Grosseova

© Isabela Grosseova

© Isabela Grosseova

Key Facts


Czech Republic


Fine Arts



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

September 2011 - September 2011

Education / Residence / Employment:
11- Tranzit - residency, Wien, Museumsquartier, quartier 21 (AT)
10-11 HISK/ Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Gent (BE)
09- A-i-R, Ny-Alesund, Spitsbergen (NO)
08- A-i-R, Egon Schiele Art Centrum (CR)
06- A-i-R, Academy of Fine Arts La Esmeralda INBA. México D.F. (MEX)
06- A-i-R, Red Gate Gallery, China
06- A-i-R, VSC, Johnson (USA)
05- A-i-R, SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland
05- internship - Acconci Studio (Vito Acconci), NYC (USA) (
01-05- collaboration - AP Atelier, Ing. Arch. Josef Pleskot, Prague (CR) (
03- A-i-R, Art in General, NYC (USA) (
94-01- BA and MA, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (CR)
Individual exhibitions:
11- The belly of an Architect, with Filip Smetana, Kostka Meet factory (CR)
10- Localizing ethics: Advice from the elders, Galerie ve Sklepe, Prague (CR)
09- Bootleg version 11th International Istanbul Biennial, Benzinka Slany (CR)
08- Titled, Meet Factory, Prague (CR)
07- Figure and Ground, with J. Alvaer, Bunkier Sztuki, Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow (PL), curators: Magda Ujma and Anna
06- Transkultura :akt 1, with J. Alvaer, Atrium, Moravian gallery Brno (CR)
06- Habitable Picture – Horizontal Remake, BSC, China
03- Habitable Statues, Art in General New York (USA)
02- Habitable Pictures, Gallery Caesar, Olomouc (CR)
02- Habitable Pictures, Foundation for Contemporary Art Prague (CR), curator: Vit Havranek
Group exhibitions:
11- Together at last, Gallery of Emil Filla in Ústí nad Labem (CR), curator: Lenka Sykorová, Viktor Čech
11- How to Begin from the Beginning, Futura (CZ), curator: Michaela Ivaniškinová and Mariana Serranová
10- Parallel events Manifesta 8 Murcia (SP)
10- Economics of unwanted amity, Karlin Studios Prague (CR), curator: Markéta Stará
10- Altruism, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn (DE), curator: Vit Havranek and Stephan Strsembski, (cat.)
10- Space Demonstration, Street for Art Festival, Prague (CR), curator: Ladvi
10- Open Studios HISK, Ghent (BE)
10- Phenomenon of game, NTK National Technical Library, Prague (CR), curator: Milan Mikuláštík
10- Formats of transformation, MUSA Museum auf Abruf, Vienna (AU), curator: Tomáš Pospiszyl, (cat.)
10- Art to Date, Galeria Medium, Bratislava (SK), curator: Zuzana Štefková
09- Art to Date, NoD/ROXY, Prague (CR), curator: Zuzana Štefková
09- Formats of transformation, House of Arts Brno (CR), curator: Tomáš Pospiszyl, (cat.)
09- Cargo, House of Artist Moscow (RU)
08- ITCA, International Triennial of Fine Arts, National Gallery in Prague (CR), (cat.)
08- Lights on, Astrup Fearney Museum of Fine Arts, Oslo (NO), curator: G.B. Kvaran, H.B. Ueland, G. Arbu, (cat.)
07- Czechpoint, Gallery of Arts, Zilina (SK), curator: Tamara Moyzes and Zuzana Štefková, (cat.)
07- Gross Domestic Product, City gallery Prague (CR), curator: Krištof Kintera
06- Zlín’s Salon of Fine Art, Zlín (CR), (cat.)
06- gallery onetwentyeight, New York (USA)
06- Open studios, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson (USA)
05- Private view, with J. Alvaer, Telč (CR)
05- Systems you have seen, Architekturforum Linz (AU), (cat.)
05- praguebiennale 2, Definition of the Everyday, with J. Alvaer, Prague (CR), curator: Vit Havranek, (cat.)
04- Systems you have seen, National Gallery in Prague (CR), (cat.)
04- Gemine Muse, Racconigi castle, Turin (IT), (cat.)
04- Finalists Chalupecky Award, Dům umění města Brna (CR), (cat.)
03- Youngest, National Gallery in Prague, CR, curator: Jiri Vlcek
03- Zlín’s Salon of Fine Art, Zlín (CR), (cat.)
02- Art Primeur, Gallery CBK Dordrecht, Holland, curator: Waanja, (cat.)
02- Laboratory of contemporary Fine Arts, National Gallery in Prague (CR)
Web: (project Transkultura / Figure and Ground) (project Representing The Nation, Compensation Portraits)
2004, 05, 06 Grant, Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts - Prague, (
2005, 06 Grant, Linhart Foundation, (
Works in the collection:
Habitable painting 1 and Habitable painting 3, National Gallery in Prague, collection of Contemporary Art, (purchased 2001)
Other Employment:
05- Artist Assistant, Sol leWitt Studio, New York
- Eva Janáčová, Is all that reality or fiction?, Kulturní magazín UNI 8/08
- Terezie Nekvindová, rozhovor s I. Grosseovou, On this journey I am at home, Stavba 08
- Vaněk, Tomáš, Transculture: Act 1, a Project of J. Alvaer and I. Grosseova, Umělec 1/07, pp.34-38
- Ryška, Pavel, J. Alvaer & I. Grosseova,Transkultura: akt 1, Flash Art (Cz. and Sl. edition) 3-4/06-07, pp. 48-50
- Pospiszyl, Tomáš, exhibition catalogue, Zlín’s Salon of Fine Art, 2006
- Janata, Michal, Art of the space and space of the art, era 21, 2/05, pp. 62-65
- Exhibition catalogue, Finalists of the J. Chalupecky Award 2004, Brno, ČR 2004
- Exhibition catalogue, Schewitz, Prochaska, Gyomorey, Linz, AT, 2004
- Lindaurová, Lenka, Isabela Grosseova, Obytné umění, Art & Antiques, 9/04, pp.80-81
- Kulhánek, David, exhibition catalogue, gemine: muse, Torino, IT, 2004, pp. 246-247
- Volk, Gregory, Habitable Statues, New York City, USA 2003
- Víchová, Ilona, exhibition catalogue, Zlín’s Salon of Fine Art, 2003
- Koryčánek, Rostislav, About Minimalism with mimimum of means (S minimem prostředků o minimalismu), Architekt 7/02, pp.
- Váňa, Radek, exhibition catalogue, Art Primeur 2002, NL, 2002, pp. 82-87
- Valoch, Jiří, Habitable Pictures, Exhibition catalogue, Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, ČR, 2001
- Pustějovská, Ivana, And what about living in the Paintings?, MF Dnes, Middle Moravia: D4, 9/1/02
- Beran, Lukáš, Isabela Grosseová shows also new problems, MF Dnes, 17/1/02
- Motková, Jitka, Paintings you can also live in, Olomoucky den 10/1/02
- waanja, Paintings to live and think by, Umělec 4/01, pp.81
- waanja, Paintings you can live in, Culture: Lidové noviny 17/10/01
- self published, Dreams about It, Prague 1996

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