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Jaro Varga

Jaro Varga

area: Media Art

© Jaro Varga

© Jaro Varga

© Jaro Varga

© Jaro Varga

Key Facts




Media Art



recommending institution

Erste Bank/tranzit

time period

July 2010 - August 2010

born in Slovakia (Trebisov) in 1982

2005-2009 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Department of Intermedia and Multimedia,
Studio IN (Ilona Németh)
2000-2005 University of Presov in Presov, Faculty of Humanities Sciences, Department of Arts

2009 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, Department of Fine Arts, USA
2006-2007 Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Intermedia and Multimedia Department, Poland
2006 National Gallery in Wroclaw, Poland

Awards & Residencies
2009 Art Residency, Castel Trebesice, CZ
2008 Nomination for the Oscar Cepan Award, SK
2003 Award for the best film (“Close”) dedicated to the international relationships, International Film
Festival of Uncommercial Film and Video, Berlin, DE
2003 Bronze Medal for an animated film “Close”, International Film Festival UNICA (UNION

Solo Exhibitions
2009 Library in Library, Bailey Library, Slippery Rock University, USA
2006 Dangerous sequences, Gallery HIT, Bratislava, SK

Group Exhibitions
2009 Fantazies of Beginning (curated by Mira Keratova), Central Slovakian Gallery Banska Bystrica, SK
“BRATISLAVA”, Slovak Cultural Institute (curated by Lydia Pribisova), Rome, IT
Fantazies of Beginning (curated by Mira Keratova), Billboard Gallery Europe, Bratislava, SK
Partyslava, Gallery HIT (Edited by Andreas Fogarasi), Bratislava, SK
2008 Videokunst vs künstlerische Dokumentation, KOLONI (curated by Kata Huszar), Dresden, DE
Exhibition of Finalists /Oskar Cepan Award, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, SK
ENDING, International Art Residency at Hotel Kyjev (curated by Lillian Fellmann), Bratislava, SK
2007 International Media Art Biennale WRO 07, Wroclaw, PL
SURVIVAL, Public Art Festival, Wroclaw, PL
BEST WEST, Gallery Entropia, Wroclaw, PL
BRIDG:ING „ Austria“ , Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, Bratislava, SK
OF RESISTANCE X GLOBAL POLICE ACTION, Exhibition Centre Constantin Brancusi, Chisinau, Moldava
2006 Dangerous sequences, Gallery HIT, Bratislava, SK
Tourist Route, Street Art Festival, Nitra, SK
2003 International Film Festival of Uncommercial Film and Video, Berlin, DE
International Film Festival UNICA Warsaw, PL
International Film Festival UNICA, Luxembourgh

Other Activities:
from 2007 Coordinator of Gallery HIT in Bratislava (in cooperation with Dorota Kenderová)


In most cases, before I proceed to the implementation of my site specific and public art projects, I gather documentation materials and conduct a survey (sociological, historical, topographical, ...) Outputs are then presented in the form of a visual-documentary recording, or a transcript of the recorded, capturing a phenomenon - a certain set of problems - a sociological condition, which I perceive as controversial and I focus my attention on them.
Over the past several years, I have been working on projects to explore the specific historical, geopolitical and sociological connections of Bratislava. One of the projects (entitled THREE ROUTES, 2008) features a walking map of the city centre. The map includes three paths that map the historical development of three nationalisms (German, Hungarian, and Slovakian) - evolving depending on political and social
changes that had substantially disordered the hierarchy in particular ethnic groups’ status and standing within the city. The interest in the topics associated with the city’s identity and the identity of its inhabitants is as well declared in other projects completed in recent years – VERTICAL LABYRINTH (2009), CHANEL DE PETRŽALKA (2009), THE LITTLE BIG CITY (2008), TOURIST ROUTE (2007), THE
As far as a possible sojourn in Vienna is concerned, I see it as a unique opportunity to logically follow from the previous art projects and as-yet-unfinished sketches and studies introducing the idea (in the search for the definition and identity or our geopolitical space and, in the same context, the reflections of continuity or the ever-changing relationships between culture vs. politics, economy, and ideology within our region).
Also, as one interesting thing the phenomenon of harmonious multiculturalism is emerging along with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire heritage’s impact upon the current geopolitical and cultural architecture in Central Europe. During my /possible/ stay in Vienna I also would like to pursue these strategies by personally exploring the Viennese scene, its relationships and possibilities. I believe that Vienna with its art scene and studio in MQ, could provide a strong stimuli and enrichment for my future artistic creation. I would be very happy if you could decide in favor of my application.

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