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Dorota Walentynowicz

Dorota Walentynowicz

area: Media Art

Mira installation © Dorota Walentynowicz

OuchromicReducer © Dorota Walentynowicz

Platomachine SpatialCondenser © Dorota Walentynowicz

BlackAfterBlack © Dorota Walentynowicz

In fear of dead enigmas © Dorota Walentynowicz

In fear of dead enigmas © Dorota Walentynowicz

lecture On inconsistency © Dorota Walentynowicz

photographic work © Dorota Walentynowicz

photographic work © Dorota Walentynowicz

Key Facts




Media Art



recommending institution


time period

November 2010 - December 2010


During her residency in MuseumsQuartier she is working on a new artistic realization in a form of kinetic sculpture. In this work slow movement of a solid causes sequential discharges in array of electrodes installed in a diagonally cut cube. Rotation of the solid leads to a disturbance in the electric field, causing a luminous arc to slowly appear and disappear interchangeably, imitating the play between organic forces of attraction and aversion. 


participation in exhibtion "Crossing Limits - Vienna Art Week 2010" with the work "Different Modes of Transpaency":

In the work of Dorota Walentynowicz the photographic process itself gains a performative aspect. The artist builds her cameras herself,  sculpting them in geometrical shapes associated with elementary solids. These cameras then become extension of the body, as artist places and displaces them according to own spatial and geometrical relations. Various built in mechanisms that distort film movement inside the camera, work out an own time-space order.

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