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Murat Aslan

Murat Aslan

area: Photography / Sound Art

© Murat Aslan

© Murat Aslan

© Murat Aslan

Key Facts




Photography / Sound Art



recommending institution


time period

September 2008 - September 2008

• born in 1983 in Dinslaken • raised in Mönchengladbach • 1995 first contact with German Hip Hop / graffiti • 2001-2002 civilian service / graffiti (first contact with an SLR camera for documentation; as I lacked talent, I put the cans aside and stuck with the camera) • 2002-2004 training as a media designer digital & print media (Mönchengladbach) • during my time of training I drove to all festivals and jams in the Ruhr area to take live photos • 2004-2005 media designer digital & print media with focus on digital photography (Düsseldorf) • assistant at Alexander Basta & Klaus Hausdorf Düsseldorf • 2005- freelance photographer and media designer in Berlin

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