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Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

area: Sound Art

Key Facts




Sound Art


Hannover, Berlin, Reykjavik

recommending institution


time period

June 2005 - July 2005


Fachochschule Hannover, student of Professor Ulrich Eller
1998 - 2004
Ending studies as Meisterschüler

Royal Conservatory
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Sonology/Electronic Music
1997 - 1998.


Ultrahang Festival, Budapest, Hungary
Electronic Music Performance

STUMPF, Hannover, Germany
Electronic Music Performance

Faust, Hannover, Germany
Sound Installation


Japanese ATAK Tour 2004
ATAK Night Fukuoka: Urgh! The Electronics Vol.8, Rooms, Fukuoka, Japan
ATAK Night Osaka, Bridge, Osaka, Japan
ATAK Night Tokyo, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, Japan
Electronic Music Performances

This City Is Sleeping, Argos Centrum For Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Electronic Music Performance

Ertz, Music Festival, Kultur Etxea, Bera (Nafarroa), Spain
Electronic Music Performance

Plattform 1, Exhibition Project made by students of Fachochschule Hannover Bildende Kunst
Kunstverien Hannover, Germany
Electronic Music Performance

"Does This Hurt You?"
Film Soundtrack to a documentary film on director David Lynch, made by Agnieszka Jurek, Hannover, Germany

Strobotika "Electric Light - Electric Sound", Kunstcentrum BELGIE, Hasselt, Belgium
Electronic Music Performance

Ultrasound Festival, Electronic and Experimental Music Festival, The Media Centre, Huddersfield, UK
Electronic Music Performance

Across the Border, Performance days, Kubus Hannover, Germany
Electronic Music Performance

Common Ground #3, GA, Niedersächsische Landtagsvertretung, Berlin, Germany
Electronic Music Performance

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (SFEMF), EAST MEETS LEFT, San Francisco, USA
Electronic Music Performance

Polyphonia Festival, Performance Days, Living Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland
Body Performance and an Electronic Music Performance together with Curver

WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Electronic Music Performance

Vesturportid, Reykjavík, Iceland
Electronic Music Perfromance (together with Product 8, Vindva Mei,The Hafler Trio)

O.K. Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, O.K. Zentrum, Linz, Austria
Electronic Music Performance

Museum For Modern Art, Washington DC, USA
Electronic Music Performance

Gallery For Art & Music, Detroit, USA
Electronic Music Performance

Millevale Industrial Theater, Pittsburgh, USA
Electronic Music Performance

Deadtech: ART & MUSIC, Chicago, USA
Electronic Music Performance

International Art Festival Observatori 2001, Valencia, Spain
Electronic Music Performance

ART 2000, Kópavogssalurinn, Kópavogi, Iceland
Electronic Music Performance

Omvandling Karlsborg, Sweden
Sound Installation

"PlayerOrgan" IDNO, Reykjavík, Iceland
Sound & Video Installation (together with artist Magnús Pálsson)

"Kort kort kredit, Baenagjördir og Trommusóló" Hermannshof, Hörgange 2000, Springe
Sound Installation

"GOLD (Wohnwagen Days)" Holland Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Electronic Music Performance

Gemußt, Fachochschule Hannover, Hannover, Germany
Body Performance

Solo Exhibition in der Comtainer Station, Köln

Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
Photography, Sound Installation and Performance

Galerie Schallschutz, Performance Happening, Hannover, Germany
Body Performance

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