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Julie Haluzová

Julie Haluzová

area: Fine Arts

Key Facts


Czech Republic


Fine Arts



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

March 2005 - March 2005

Date of birth : 14.7.1981

Place of birth : Uherske Hradiste , Czech republic

Permanent address : Sumice 482, 687 31,  Czech republic

Temporary address : Sancova 62, Bratislava 811 05  Slovakia

Occupation  :  student (undergraduate)

Marital status : single

Education :

1995 - 1999 = Secondary school of applied art in Uherske Hradiste

1999 - 2000 = School of fashion design in Prague

2000 -  = Academy of fine arts in Bratislava :

2000 - 2004 = Department of sculpture

( Where I got a first degree and

I've become  a Bachelor of Arts)

2004 -  = Department of painting

Group exhibition :

1999 - Design center in Prague

2002 - workshop "Summer school of Arts" in Subotica, (Serbia)

2003 - "Priezkumy" National Gallery in Zilina (Slovakia)

Work : 2004 - illustrations  for diary "Kalendarka" from "Aspekt"

( "Aspekt" is  Women's association, which produced

femminist - cultural journal in Slovakia)


A lot of ways how to see one reality

You can see some image, you can take photo - detail of this image, and  arise new image, which isn't exact like you can see, although it's similar.

But when you change a few parts of it ( by cokputer or just by hand on paper, when you press it) you discover another image.

And you can change size = from small thing to do big thing (large picture)

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