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Renata Poljak

Renata Poljak

area: Fine Arts

wonderland1 © Renata Poljak

wonderland2 © Renata Poljak

Key Facts




Fine Arts


Nice, Split, Vienna

recommending institution

A9-forum transeuropa

time period

September 2004 - October 2004

Poljak Renata

1974 born in Split, Croatien

University Split (Art Education)

Postgraduate Studies in Nantes

Solo Exhibitions:

Architects~~! Club, Zagreb; Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik

Gallery Soardi, Nizza

Extended media Gallery, Zagreb

Group Exhibitions (Selection):

Visual Arts Section of the International Festival of New Film and Video, Split

“As large as life”, Raum für Kunst, Steirischer Herbst, Graz
„Videoformes 97“, Clermont-Ferrand

„Utopia“, Chateau de Beaumanoir, Le Leslay, Quintin

”A Girl Like You”, Gallery Praz-Delavallade, Paris
“up-and-coming”, Film Festival, Hannover
“Estatic memory” (5 Videoprogramme), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

BIG Torino 2000, Biennale
“Only for your eyes”, Zagreb

Extended media Gallery, Zagreb
Art in General, Gallery Art in General, New York
Freedom and Violence, National Museum Kroklikarnia, Warsaw
Girl Group, Stadtgalerie Kiel
CENTRAL, Museumsquartier, Wien


Project Proposal Renata Poljak

During the residency in MQ I would like to create new video work. I will be working with Stephanie Lang, singer and actress based in Vienna as well as with the sound artist Christophe Corgnellie (also based in Vienna). What is off my interest in this project is to explore the memory of the body and it´s unpredictability. The project will be constructed in the interieurs in Vienna, and maybe some scene will be filmed in the studio of MQ.


I was invited by A9-Forum Transeuropa gallery for my residency in MQ, September October 2004. This period was very intensive in finishing all the preparations for shooting of my first short film.

That was exactly the moment I realized that we got enough founding to make the film. I am happy to tell, now, with time distance that this film won until now three prices in different festivals and was show in lot’s of gallery spaces.

The time that I spent in MQ witch provided me concentration was essential for development of that project. Also this was the period that I traveled for a week in Croatia and than back in Vienna where I produced the series of C-Prints “Croatia, summer, 2004”. For me the distance I had in Vienna from my usual surrounding was very stimulating to produce new work and to develop already started projects.

Later whole project (series of color photos and film “Great Expectations”) was exhibited in gallery Hilger in Vienna in 2005.

Also after this very intensive period (in the great apartment that was on my disposition in MQ) I staid and continued to live in Vienna for a period of around 2 years.

During my residency I met people who helped me a lot in professional and private continuation of my life and project.
I would love to thank all of them (specially to Daniela Zyman – who back than worked in Transeuropa gallery) and to institution that offered me this opportunity to live this experience which changed my life both in geographical and professional sense.

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