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Mark's Calendars

Since its release in 2006, the long-selling "" series is a cover for a notebook or diary that also features a zip-lock pocket.
You can store and carry writing implements and stickers, your favorite cards and photos, throat candy, gum to keep you awake and more. Ease, convenience and flexibility are why these items are popular not only in Japan but overseas.


Are you looking at the mirror, or is the mirror looking at you? A table mirror shaped as an eye with a gold-finished metal design.

Gentlemen's Hardware

From mountain hikes, to eating alfresco, or simply camping under the stars, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Outdoor collection is an essential range for equipping enthusiasts of the great outdoors with the tools and gadgets needed to succeed in style. Let the adventure begin!


Like the trucks that constantly ply the transit routes from north to south and back, we’re also constantly circulating on our bikes or the metro along with all the other commuters. The new FREITAG backpack F115 CLAPTON, inspired by heavy-duty trucking, is intended for all travelers on public or pedaling transit.

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