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Szilvi Német

Szilvi Német

area: New Media Art, Theory

© Szilvi Német

© Szilvi Német

© Szilvi Német

© Szilvi Német

© Szilvi Német

Key Facts




New Media Art, Theory



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

February 2014 - February 2014

2013- Studio of Young Artists’ Association {}
2011- project leader, international Crosstalk Video Art Festival
Budapest {}
2013- ZHJ Architecture: project assistant
2013 - Higgs Field Contemporary Art Space {11 Hercegprímás str., Budapest H-1051 /}: program manager, curator
2011- Dovin Gallery {6 Galamb str., Budapest H-1054 / <link http:>}: gallery director, curator
2010 - 2011 ACAX - Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange, Ludwig Museum - Contemporary Art Museum {1. Komor Marcell str., Budapest / <link http:>}: assistant {Check-in visitor program}
2010 - 2011 Videospace Gallery {56 Ráday str., Budapest / <link http:>}: gallery assistant
2009 - 2010 Béka Contemporary Art Gallery {18. Fortuna str., Budapest}: gallery director, curator
2009 Artchivum Art Historical Documentation Center and Database {<link http:>}
2008 Virág Judit Gallery and Auction House {30. Falk Miksa str., Budapest / <link http:>}: assistant

2003-2013 Loránd Eötvös University of Arts and Sciences, Faculty
of Arts, MA in art history, English and teacher training
2009-2010 KOGART Academy, Painting Appraisal Training {OKJ}
2008 Universitá degli Studi di Padova {Erasmus scholarship}

The ‘Peggy Guggenheim’ of video collecting. 13 12 2013 <link http: post a-videogyujtespeggy-guggenheim-je>
Marko Tadić: The favourite Croatian of Budapest. FlashArt Online 13 12 2013 <link http: marko_tadi_budapest_kedvenc_horvatja>
Completion through collapse. The Marko Tadić-interview.2013.12.08.
<link http: post completionthrough-collapse-the-marko-tadic-interview>
No norming, just performing: KIBU’s new talent program
Artportal, 10 12 2013. <link http: magazin kortars nonorming-just-performing-a-kibu-uj-tehetsegprogramja _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>
Attention! 2013.11.26.
<link http: post attentionexhibition-opening-speech-liget-gallery>
Practices against life for survival - The Notebook. Prizma
Periodical for Films, 2013.10.25. <link http: eletellenes-gyakorlatok-az-eletben-maradasert-a-nagyfuzet _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>
The big national objet petit a (Péter György: Zoo in Cluj; Szabolcs KissPál: Amorous geography [etnozoo], Balkon, 2013_9
Who’s being the bio decor here? - Last night at the series ‘State of emergency’, 2013 June
An other sceen-play. Interview with Gábor Roskó, FlashArt no.9.
Primitive fantasy. Tamás Komoróczky: Everything eats, everything is eaten, Új Művészet 2013_3
Rapid date with curators, Curators’ Network in the Ludwig Museum, FlashArt 2012_11-12.
The spirit and the bone, Sculpture Diplom at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts 2012, Új Művészet 2012_9
And life goes on... On the termination of Videospace Gallery, Új Művészet 2012_4
Chess clinic [revisited] / At the solo show of Barna Péli’s Johnny on the Pony Ágnes Előd, Attila Galbovy, András Gálik, Balánt Havas, Barna Péli, Ádám Szabó and György Szász artists are interviewed by Noémi Forián Szabó art historian, Balkon 2012_2


Balázs Antal: Mañana, mañana / Higgs Field, 11 - 31 January 2014
All you do is put it together: an other selection of Crosstalk {6}’s video program / Higgs Field, 18 October - 11 November 2013
Crosstalk Video Art Festival (6.)/ Higgs Field & Toldi Art Cinema, 13 - 15 September 2013
My Little Cloud: Friedemann Albert, Mark Fridvalszki, Tamás Komoróczky, Júlia Vécsei, Marcell Esterházy, Áron Lakatos, Li Hui, Gábor Kasza, Gábor Kerekes, András Lengyel / Dovin Gallery, 2013
Barna Péli: Sociomosis / Dovin Gallery, 2013
Karolina Nagy, Patrick Baumüller: The aesthetics of faithfulness / Dovin Gallery, 2013
Dániel Karsai: The white of the teeth / Dovin Gallery, 2013
Citoyen 0101011101010110: Lotte Geeven, Miriam Laussegger, Márton Emil Tóth, Gábor Csongor Szigeti / Dovin Gallery, 2012
Crosstalk Video Art Festival {5.} / Gozsdu Courtyard, Clubhouse of Hungarian Architects, 2012
Navigational Twilight: Levente Baranyai, Péter Gémes, Gyula Konkoly, Réka Nemere, Zoltán Ötvös / Dovin Gallery, 2012
Erika Baglyas: Bunker / Dovin, 2012
Karolina Nagy: Camera Lucida / Clubhouse of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, 2012
Gestalt: Patrícia Jagicza, Dániel Karsai, Szilvia Tóth / Dovin Gallery, 2011
Barna Péli: Johnny on the pony / Dovin Gallery, 2011
Sympthomatic Presence: Lili Cseh, Levente Baranyai, Norbert Kotormán, Gergő Kovách, Zoltán Ötvös, Barna Péli / Dovin Gallery, 2011
Norbert Kotormán: Ladies and sir! / Dovin Gallery, 2011
Gergő Kovách: Johnny has guts / Dovin Gallery, 2011
Crosstalk Video Art Festival {5.} / Gozsdu Courtyard, 2011


The residency stay in Vienna is a handy opportunity to step in the contact zone of the city, exploit its professional - both human and infrastructural - resources, to capture its le dernier cri moments, plus find new tracks for the thought experiences that are lately on my stock.
Recently, my interest is oriented towards human ecology. Namely to look at how in the current state of affairs the very problematic notion of ‘nation state’ exploits on its - most remarkably historically questioned or even expatriated - ‘natural’ assets in order to sow seed of the political ideology of nationalism through various modes of autorepresentation. My research shows up the umbilical attachment of social sciences to natural sciences, the craving need of the former to be credited with the same exactness of methods as the latter, while inevitably falling back to the ‘false bottom’ of metaphysics by drawing on the irrational, mythological character of the nationreligion’s ungrounded beliefs.
As a surplus engagement, as the project leader of Crosstalk Video Art Festival, I am more than intrigued to map the local scene’s new media production for future collaborations and artists’ involvement.

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